Suzuki Burgman Sport-Scooter Concept

Would you be caught dead riding this maxi-scooter?

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Question: How is a scooter just like an, um, "calorically-enhanced" female? Answer: They're both fun to ride, as long as your friends don't see you!

Tasteless humor aside, Suzuki is actively looking for ways to sex up its Burgman 400 super scooter and make it more attractive to younger, more style-conscious buyers. The big maxi-scooter is presently sold-out in the US, but the median age of the typical Burgman buyer hovers right around 45 years old-more than a decade beyond that oh-so-desirable demographic of 18-34 year olds in their prime purchasing years. In an effort to better appeal to younger, sportier powersports enthusiasts, Suzuki's R&D; department brewed up this Burgman Sport "styling study" that was heavily influenced by the brand's GSX-R sportbikes, then passed it our way for comment.

In addition to the Gixxer's signature blue-on-white color scheme, the Burgman Sport also borrows its exhaust, mirrors, front fender and wheel pattern from the GSX-R line, while the handlebar and controls are taken from the B-King naked bike. Though at this point it remains just a concept bike, Suzuki tells us that a production version is conceivable, if interest would be great enough. Suzuki already showed said Sport Scooter to its retail partners at the American dealer meeting, where the concept proved unexpectedly popular. Now we'd like to put it out to you, the motorcycle enthusiast and end consumer: does this concept leave you lusting for the step-through style, or should the designs be drawn and quartered for such gross perversion of the GSX-R proud sportbike heritage? Click on our poll above to share with us your thoughts.