TT Isle Of Man—Ride On The Edge 2 Video Game For PlayStation, Xbox

The Isle of Man TT video game allows riders to make their own legend.

Coronavirus joined a short list of historic calamities this week, when the spread of the virus prompted organizers of the Isle of Man TT to cancel the iconic 116-year-old roadrace. Before this year, it took World War I and World War II to get in the way of the insane, deadly race against the clock.

From the iconic startline down to the bottom of Bray Hill and across the legendary Ballaugh Bridge, TT Isle of Man—Ride on the Edge 2 has the whole course beautifully rendered.Nacon

But on the heels of that shock comes a glimmer of hope, with the news that Nacon and KT Racing have released TT Isle of Man—Ride on the Edge 2, available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The game will be available later this year on Nintendo Switch.

Gameplay looks absolutely incredible, with the 38-mile TT course—potholes, off-camber roadbeds, undulations, and all—rendered perfectly thanks to the wonder of modern graphics engines. There’s a career mode, updated bike physics, a helmet cam, and 17 other tracks to explore, but the best part has to be the 13 modern and five classic bikes that you can choose from.

Modern graphics can transport you from your den to anywhere you want to be—TT Isle of Man 2 is no different.Nacon

It might not quell the ache of missing this year’s TT entirely, but with an available career mode, we can’t think of a better way to spend the next couple of months cooped up in your house.

The legendary Isle of Man banner.Nacon
Riders can choose from five historic bikes from TTs past, including the Suzuki XR69.Nacon
Among the five historic bikes riders can pick from TTs past is the MV Agusta 500 three.Nacon
Five historic bikes from TTs past are available to ride, including the Ducati 900SS.Nacon
Riders can choose from five historic bikes from TTs past; this is the Norton NRS 588.Nacon
What rider wouldn’t want the beastly two-stroke Yamaha TZ750 from the five historic bikes of TTs past?Nacon
Left: The cover of the PC version.Right: Packaging of the Nintendo Switch version, due later this year.Nacon
Left: The cover of the PS4 version Right: The cover of the Xbox One version.Nacon