2021 Husqvarna 901 Norden Spied Testing

Spy shots reveal Husqvarna is testing a new Norden adventure machine.

2021 Husqvarna 901 Norden has a retro vibe to it, but it’s not antiquated. It looks balanced and thoughtful.
It has a retro vibe to it, but it’s not antiquated. In fact, this purported 901 Adventure looks balanced and thoughtful.Husqvarna

Recent spy shots reveal Husqvarna has some pretty interesting road bikes up its sleeve. Chief among them is a purported 901 Adventure, carrying what would be a new engine configuration for the brand.

I make that assumption because the 901 Adventure was flanked by a new Svartpilen that’s powered by a clearly visible twin-cylinder mill. And because it indicates further utilization of the new 890 parallel twin Husqvarna’s parent company, KTM, is currently developing. The brands make good use of engine platforms. If you zoom in close on the covers in the Adventure, you can clearly see KTM badging.

Where this 901 diverges from the previously spied 890 GT from KTM is in the looks department. The Husqvarna version has a more retro vibe when looking at its bodywork and cowl, which isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, even at such an early stage the body panels appear pleasing. By the looks of things, it is designed to house some auxiliary lights on either side of the main round headlight. This will keep the motorcycle’s internals and rider protected, while exuding a utilitarian stance that will likely be appreciated by adventure riders.

Other elements like a decent-sized fuel tank, luggage racks, skid plate, hand guards, spoked wheels, and what looks to be a really neutral, comfortable ride position further the appeal of the design at this stage.

If this is indeed to be a Husqvarna 901 Adventure, I have to say I like where the company’s head is at. Rather than being pigeonholed into the futuristic minimalism embodied by its Svartpilen and VItpilen streetbikes, Husqvarna appears to be designing with the segment rider first and foremost in mind. This bike will no doubt have a high level of fit and finish, and in final trim will likely be a head-turner, but it will also be useful for those looking to venture far and wide.

Will we see a more developed version during next year’s EICMA show? Stay tuned.