Shoei’s New-For-2017 RF-SR Helmet

The new Shoei RF-SR helmet is aimed squarely at street riders.

Shoei is set to launch a new lid in early 2017, its first new helmet since the super-premium X Fourteen (see the MC Tested review of the X-Fourteen here) was introduced in early 2016.

Unlike the race-specific X Fourteen, the new RF-SR is designed specifically for street riders. That means comfort, weight, quietness, and venting were key factors in the helmet’s design. (As opposed to just aerodynamics and weight like on a race helmet.) As with all Shoei helmets, the RF-SR has a removable comfort liner, a dual-density EPS liner, and uses a composite shell made from fiberglass and other fibers.

Shoei RF-SR helmet
The RF-RS is Shoei’s newest helmet, set to be released in April of 2017. It’s features and price position it as a replacement for the QWEST, though Shoei hasn’t confirmed it.©Motorcyclist
Shoei RF-SR helmet visor
Shoei’s CWR-1 shield has a wide and tall field of view. It’s also UV-blocking, and comes ready to accept a Pinlock anti-fog insert for those cold fall mornings.©Motorcyclist

The RF-SR’s visor is the same CWR-1 shield as on the RF 1200, offering a huge field of view and the ability to install a Pinlock anti-fog insert. The shield pivots on the same self-adjusting hinge mechanism as the RF 1200 as well, offering smooth movement and easy shield changes. We have a lot of experience with that helmet and love it, so it’s good to see those features carried over.

Shoei says the shell shape and vents (three adjustable front vents, to always-open exhaust vents) are optimized for an upright riding position, and that the new helmet will flow more air than the QWEST while weighing less than that helmet and still retaining goo noise control. It’s not clear whether the $399 RF-SR is meant to replace the $367 QWEST, but it certainly seems poised to do just that.

Shoei RF-SR helmet liner
Shoei’s removable, washable, multi-layer helmet liner is second to none in terms of comfort and fit, and we’re speaking from experience.©Motorcyclist
Shoei RF-SR in white.
Shoei RF-SR in white. Buy It Now©Motorcyclist

The RF-SR will be available in April of 2017 and will carry DOT and SNELL safety certifications. It’s available in solid colors in white, grey, black, matte black, orange, and blue. Thus far there aren’t any graphics packages available, but those may come later.

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