SheADV: New Resource for Female ADV Riders

Online community seeks to engage adventurous women on two wheels

Female ADV rider on trail

Hitting the Trail

Steph Terrien rides her BMW 650GS on a Backcountry Discovery Route.Photo provided by SheADV

Not only has the number of female motorcyclists increased to 14%, but women's interest in dirt and ADV riding has seen growth as well. Some of the most notable adventure riders in the world are women (like Lisa Thomas, Sherri Jo Wilkins, and Ailsa Clickenger, to name a few), signifying the "fairer sex" is not afraid to get dirty. For all the ladies out there who ride ADV already, are interested in riding ADV, or anyone who knows a woman interested in riding ADV, a new online community has sprung up, titled SheADV.

Female ADV motorcyclist riding in rocky river bed

Rocky Road

Shal Wilson navigates a rocky river bed aboard her BMW 650GSPhoto provided by SheADV

“For years, many of us have searched for a resource dedicated to women adventure riders but not found what we were looking for,” says Shalmarie Wilson, SheADV project manager. “We created SheADV to help women unite in a way that inspires us to explore the world on two wheels.

Female ADV motorcyclist with BMW 650GS

Ride to Live

Steph Terrien with her BMW 650GS on a Backcountry Discovery Route.Photo provided by SheADV

The website and Facebook page provide excellent information about riding groups, routes, gear, fitness, and fellow female ADV riders. So far, their most popular sections are "Meet the Riders" and "Event Calendar," which give women relatable role models for ADV riding, and opportunities to meet other riders in person. Similar to other ladies-only groups and events , SheADV provides an online community for women to find the unique camaraderie and sisterhood in the ADV world.

Woman preparing meal in backcountry camp

Out in the Wild

ADV riding provides excellent opportunities for motorcyclists to explore the backcountry on two wheels.Photo provided by SheADV

Touratech is proud to sponsor the new SheADV group, viewing it as an excellent opportunity to increase interest in adventure motorcycling and give back to the riding community. Anyone in support of women riding ADV bikes is welcome to visit to join the community and help enhance the adventure motorcycling world at large. Ride on, ladies!

BMW 650GS riding through river

Making Waves

Shal Wilson traverses a river during a Backcountry Discovery Route ride. SheADV invites women to connect with fellow female adventure riders.Photo provided by SheADV
Woman fixing motorcycle

She Wrenches

A rider makes repairs to her bike in the backcountry during an ADV ride.Photo provided by Touratech
SheADV logo


The new SheADV online community gives women the opportunity to connect with fellow ADV riders to learn about techniques, gear, and routes.Photo provided by SheADV