SCAD Students Create Concept MotoGP Bikes

In just 10 weeks!

If you missed out on the 2006 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, you also missed out on a special exhibit featuring two full-scale models of MotoGP concept bikes created by industrial design students from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

The two models were created in an astounding 10 weeks by 13 students who began the project by each submitting 130 sketches of what they perceived roadracing motorcycles would look like in 20 years. Students focused mainly on the rider/machine interface by adjusting the wheelbase and creating a more ergonomic seating position.

Racing brothers Ben and Eric Bostrom visited the students in January, lending their expertise to the project.

The SCAD concept bikes have been on tour with Red Bull at various AMA pro races throughout the year.

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Students focused on an ergonomic seating position for rider comfort.
From left: Industrial design students Anthony Ruggiero and Nicholas Giesinger; professor Jesus Rojas; student Gregory Murphy; Red Bull field marketing manager Jason Slutsky (on bike); students Adam Paquette, Philip Shin, Jose Morales, Amber Goelst, Lance Culbreth and Jairus Smith; industrial design professor Heather Bailey (on bike); and students Deanna Sholler, Brandon Stroud and Josh Kistner.
The only thing missing is the $20 million motor.
Industrial design students Anthony Ruggiero (back) and Brandon Stroud hard at work welding.
From Left: Industrial design professor Heather Bailey; industrial design students Brandon Stroud, Gregory Murphy and Nicholas Giesinger; and industrial design professor Jesus Rojas pose with the freshly painted motorcycles.
Industrial design student diligently sanding the motorcycle's bodywork.