Rodney Aguiar's Outrageous 250-HP Rotary

The Revelation

Talk about a power cruiser! Not even a supercharged version of Ducati's Diavel could keep up with Rodney Aguiar's "Revelation." Aguiar, the proprietor of the bizarre Propulsion Lab (visit and hover your cursor over the artwork to find secret links to his other oddball creations, including a GSX-R-powered reverse trike) and a frequent collaborator with Roland Sands, built this bike around a 1988 Mazda 13B rotary engine salvaged from a friend's crashed RX-7.

He grafted the Mazda powerplant to a BMW R1100GS trans and rear end, then hung the mess in a custom tubular-steel frame supported up front by a Suzuki GSX-R750 fork. A massive Weber double-barrel, side-draft carburetor feeds this beast, delivering an unholy 6-that's not a typo, s-i-x-miles per gallon. Artful custom touches include hand-hammered, boardtrack-inspired bodywork, a custom-machined headlight shell and an innovative underslung radiator that maximizes surface area for optimal cooling.

Those circular objects clinging like barnacles to the underside aren't subwoofers-that's actually a quartet of extraction fans employed to help the notoriously hot-running rotary keep its cool. As for those graphics: Just one ride on this beast-or brief exposure to the ungodly loud exhaust-and you'll be praying for forgiveness from your Lord and Savior, too!

We ordered rotisserie chicken, not rotary chicken! Bike builder Rodney Aguiar burning off that last bit of, ahem, chicken strip.
If you thought a Harley-Davidson big twin with straight pipes was loud, you've never heard a 1308cc rotary exhaling through open headers! Fortunately, at 6 miles per gallon it can' t run for long...
What would Pulp Fiction's Jules Winnfield ride? Graphics are lifted from Ezekiel 25:17, the biblical verses that inspired Tarantino's existential hit man.