Radical Custom Motorcycles from the 2017 AIMExpo in Ohio

Downtown Columbus was a showcase for the extreme.

Let’s face it; the first thing any of us want to do when we get a new motorcycle is to make it our own. Some, however, go a bit farther than others—and if all the planets line up, you end up with something that expresses you as an artist and individual. You can tell a lot about a builder by poring over a custom motorcycle, and there was no shortage of those here at this year’s AIMExpo in Ohio. The Custom Culture display featured everything from V-twin diggers to rad race-inspired machines. Here were some of our favorites.

This Indian Scout Bobber was the result of a partnership between RSD and Steve Caballero, and it features some unique stylistic touches that all came together in one harmonious balancing act.Brody Cox
This wild bike, deemed the “LED Sled Dirt Digger” was owned by Pat Patterson and features a goose-necked rigid frame. It also had a heavy metal flake paint job, a low-mount headlight and mid controls.Brody Cox
This custom Harley-Davidson Sportster was converted into a scramble-happy machine by the folks over at Hugo Moto, who design and manufacture bolt-on kits that transform your Sporty into the ultimate adventure machine.Brody Cox
While the paint on this rigid-frame Harley-Davidson was definitely drool-worthy, we were more astonished at the shine of the chrome—and the fact that the front brake rotor was also chromed!Brody Cox
This BMW R90SS was totally out there, and the ostentatious flame job was truly something to behold.Brody Cox
The engraving on the engine of this Harley-Davidson chop was nothing short of inspiring.Brody Cox
This well-done custom Yamaha SR400 was on display in the SW Motech booth, and was built by Analog Motorcycles. Aside from the many modifications, it was also sporting some new bags from Legend Gear. Nice!Brody Cox
Have you ever heard a Yamaha XS650 through a set of open headers? It’s truly humbling, just like the rest of this beautiful hardtail.Brody Cox
It might look like a highly-modified Honda Ruckus, but it’s actually an Ice Bear scooter—a Chinese-built copy that’s been converted into a trike. Ice Bear actually sells scooters that aren’t too far off from the flamboyant looks of this one.Brody Cox
This custom twin had a rear brake caliper that reminded us a lot of the ZTL calipers found on Buell motorcycles.Brody Cox