Pismo Beach Motorcycle Classic

Next weekend the San Francisco M.C. and Pasadena M.C. are gathering in Pismo Beach. They figure to recreate the club photo taken on the beach in 1929. Might make a nice panorama shot and brief story that would make everyone happy as a clam walking. See site below:

The Central Coast Classic M.C. has a big ride/show/bbq/field meet next month. Craig Vetter is planning a mileage event which, given his words below, could be both amusing and informative:

The San Luis motorcycle club is having a big event Oct 7-9. I believe we can get fuel economy bike display space. I propose postponing our Challenge until Saturday Oct 9, departing SLO for Salinas in the afternoon at 2 or 3 pm. This will allow us to ride the 150 mile trip into the awful headwinds, while it is light and film it. To make things exciting, Richard Hatfield would like to participate in our challenge. Richard has the world's fastest electric bike (176 mph at Bonneville last week) This is the very same wins road races with, too! If he can clear his calendar, he would like to challenge us by riding his electric bike from SLO to Salinas, against the Vetter streamliner, the Smith CRF and the Hayes Diesel.

It is unlikely that he will have the range and will have to put it on a trailer after a hundred miles or so. But even this would be significant information. For the first time ever, we will all finally be able to see - side by side - how these machines perform.

Pismo Beach Motorcycle Classic