Öhlins Suspension Performance For American V-Twins

Kraus Co. Dynamoto SP inverted fork fits Harley-Davidson Dyna, FXR, Sportster, and Softail models.

Kraus Motor Co., V-twin suspension, motorcycle fork
A. While most Harley forks are nonadjustable, the Dynamoto SP offers tunable spring preload, plus compression and rebound damping, to suit your needs. B. The Kraus Dynamoto SP fork is based on the Öhlins Road and Track fork but with custom internals to suit the setup's cruiser applications. C. The front-end kit features proprietary triple-tree geometry for use with the Dyna, FXR, Sportster, and Softail models.Julia LaPalme

"Once you've experienced a taste of performance and ability in a motorcycle, it becomes more and more important," says Satya Kraus, owner and proprietor of Santa Rosa, California-based Kraus Motor Co.

"There's not much else you can do to an America V-twin bike that'll make as much of a difference in how the bike handles."

That, of course, is not the mindset of the typical custom V-twin motorcycle builder. Satya Kraus started out building choppers back in 2004, but they weren’t your average cookie-cutter customs. The machines that rolled out of Kraus’ shop were unique, individually crafted bikes that oozed performance with precision-machined components that would later become the mainstay of his business.

Kraus custom motorcycle
The Kraus Dynamite features the black-anodized Dynamoto inverted Öhlins fork with Beringer radial brake calipers and BST wheels. It can be yours for a mere $65K from the Kraus website.Kraus Motor Co.

As Kraus’ business grew, so too did his reputation for building some of the most desirable, award-winning motorcycles that were fast and handled well. What isn’t fabricated in-house comes from upscale manufacturers like BST (carbon-fiber wheels), Beringer (brakes), and Öhlins (suspension).

“We’re always very focused on suspension,” Kraus says. “It’s the number-one missing link on a stock Harley and the thing that needs the most attention.”

Complete Kraus Motor Co. bikes are extremely expensive, but Kraus also sells his components so that they can be applied to other people’s creations. Still, a front end like the Dynamoto SP pictured here is pricey, costing $3,820.

“Sure, it’s a lot of money,” Kraus says, “but the reality is that there’s not much else you can do to an American V-twin bike that’ll make as much of a difference in how the bike handles.” Components like the Dynamoto SP are what V-twin dreams are made of.