Off-Road Gear | Outfitted for Adventure

Motorcyclists are inherently enticed by the prospect of adventure. Every ride offers the opportunity, but none more so than an off-road excursion. Whether you’re blazing your own trail through the wilderness or meandering down a fireroad, there’s something special about riding in the dirt. This month’s Gear spread is compiled of products intended to enhance your off-road experience.

RZ Mask
Your bike has an air filter, and so should you. Dusty conditions can ruin an otherwise awesome ride, causing respiratory irritation and epic boogers. Protect your nose, throat and lungs with an RZ mask. The neoprene unit fits snugly under your helmet and goggles and uses an activated-charcoal filter to remove a claimed 99.9 percent of all dust, pollen and fumes from the air you breathe. Masks cost just $29.95 while replacement filter elements are available in packs of three for $6.95.

SOL 3 First Aid Kit
The beauty of off-road riding is that it takes you away from it all. The flipside is you're a long way from help if anything unfortunate happens. At Adventure Medical Kits, first aid for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts is all they do. The company's SOL 3 kit is perfect for riders of all disciplines and includes supplies for dressing wounds, stabilizing fractures and treating illnesses, as well as survival tools to signal rescuers, start fires and stay warm. That's a lot of gear, but it all packs into a 7 x 6 x 2.5-inch pouch that retails for $56.

Kriega Tool Roll
Most stock toolkits are a joke nowadays, and pre-made bundles usually come with a bunch of stuff you don't want and lack some of the items you need. Roll your own specialized toolkit with the $35 Kriega tool roll. The roll measures 5.5 x 8.8 inches and is made from durable 1000-denier Cordura. A mesh pocket and 30 elastic loops allow you to keep tools, spares and supplies organized and at the ready.

Altrider Crash Bar
Ducati's Multistrada is an adroit off-road steed, but who wants to risk banging up such a beautiful machine? Alt Rider's crash bar is specifically designed to protect the Multi in the event of a tip-over or crash. The guard is constructed from 1-inch stainless-steel tubing and bolts to the engine mounts for optimum support. The crash bar wraps around the engine, defending the fairing, radiator and water pump from impacts. They're available in black or silver for $343.

Klim Latitude Jacket
Klim gear is top-notch and designed to perform in the harshest environments. The new Latitude jacket boasts a Gore-Tex-laminated, 840-denier Cordura chassis with 11 pockets, five vents, innumerable adjustments, CE-approved elbow, shoulder and back armor and lots more. The Latitude jacket retails for $559.99, and the equally endowed Latitude pants go for $499.99.

Revo 4 Vest
Inner tubes aren't the only thing that can get punctured on the trail. Bar-ends and sharp branches can potentially jab you in the chest or abdomen during a crash. EVS's Revo 4 vest has polycarbonate plates to shield the chest, abdomen and back from impalement and a high-density foam chassis that offers excellent impact and roost protection. The $69 Revo 4 is slim enough to wear under your jersey or jacket and works with all popular neck braces.

Alpinestars Tech 8 Light Boot
Adventure bikes are hard on your ankles—just ask Tim Carrithers or Jack Lewis! Alpinestars' Tech 8 Light boots are just what the podiatrist ordered. They offer unparalleled protection and comfort, and thanks to a new design they're now 15 percent lighter, hence the designation. An internal ankle booty provides comfort and support while hard shin, calf, toe and heel armor defend against impacts and crushing forces, without compromising flexibility. The $459.95 asking price is a lot for a pair of boots, but it's cheaper than a broken ankle.

Blackburn Mammoth 2 Pump
With your Kriega tool roll and SOL 3 medical kit stuffed in you luggage there won't be room for an electric air pump, so pack the compact Blackburn Mammoth 2 Stage hand pump instead. The Mammoth is just 9.5 inches long, costs $29.99 and has a high volume cylinder for quick air-ups after you exit the woods. Sure, it's a bicycle product, but the Mammoth's all-aluminum construction and quality internals mean it's more than up to the task of airing up your knobbies.

LED Lenser Flashlight
This German-engineered flashlight is compact and brutally bright. In a pinch you could strap the 4.8-inch P5R to your helmet and use it in lieu of your headlight. The key to the flashlight's performance is its high-intensity LED and Lenser's combined lens and reflector focusing system. The system harnesses more LED output and can be adjusted for close work or long-distance illumination. The $89.99 PR5 has three light modes and is rechargeable via the included household charger or your laptop's USB outlet.