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As a rule, we motorcyclists like to wrench on our bikes. Whether you set-up shop under a shadetree or you’ve got a four-car garage, there’s bound to be something in this Gear spread that you’ll need for your next project.

1 Healtech OBD Tool
The sophisticated electronics systems on today's motorcycles are amazing—until they malfunction. With Healtech's OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) tool you can communicate directly with your bike's ECU to pinpoint the problem yourself, saving money and a trip to the dealer. The OBD is available for Hondas and Suzukis, and at $219.99 offers a tremendous cost savings compared to the factory original—Honda's tool sells for $2,300! OBD tools for other manufacturers are said to be in development.

2 Kobalt Toolkit
[This 27-piece toolkit accommodates almost every fastener on your bike, whether it's a Harley-Davidson or a Hayabusa. The sockets in the Extreme Access kit have a pass-through, low-profile design that eliminates the need for separate shallow and deep sockets. The splined sockets work on both SAE and metric nuts and bolts as well as star, square and rounded-off fasteners. The kit includes common metric and SAE sizes, several adapters and various screwdriver heads for a mere $24.97.

3 EMS Book
[How to Tune and Modify Motorcycle Engine Management Systems begins with an in-depth study of the electronic fuel and ignition systems on today's motorcycles, then explains how to modify them for increased performance and efficiency. This 192-page book sells for $29.99 and includes sections on aftermarket fuel controllers, tuning, dyno testing and troubleshooting, all explained in simple language. It's perfect for the home mechanic or tuner, and you don't need a degree in electronics to benefit from it!

4 G-Floor Coverings
[Give your garage or workshop a professional appearance with G-Floor tiles starting at $3.64 per square foot. The panels are adhesive-backed for easy installation and can conform to uneven surfaces, providing an attractive, protective floor covering in your choice of 12 colors. Made in the USA from virgin vinyl, G-Floor coverings boast a tough, gloss finish that's gas- and oil-resistant, and unlike competitors' interlocking panels, fluid can't seep under the tiles to ruin your floor. The ideal garage upgrade.

5 No-Mar Wheel Weights
[Tape-A-Weights work fine on cast wheels, but what if your bike has spokes? No-Mar's wheel weights are designed for wire-spoke wheels and have a lustrous chrome finish to match that of your bike's rims and spokes. The 14-piece kit retails for $28 and includes two each of seven weights—from ¼-oz. to 1¾-oz.—that slide over the spoke and secure with a set screw. These weights look good, contain no toxic lead and, perhaps best of all, are reusable.

6 Pit Bull Hybrid Stand
[Lifting the front of your bike is now easier than ever with Pit Bull's new and improved Hybrid front stands. These offer lift height adjustment plus various handle options, and the new modular design lifts from your bike's fork bottoms or lower triple clamp. The Hybrid Front retails for $149.95 in forklift form or $169.95 in headlift form, while a combined versions sells for $209.95

7 Vampliers
[These pliers from Vampire Tools serve the standard gripping and nipping purposes, but also have remarkable powers of persuasion when it comes to removing rounded-off fasteners. The Vampliers' unique jaw design features vertical and horizontal serrations that allow them to grip stripped dome-head screws, Allen bolts and other troublesome fasteners. Add a pair to your toolbox or your bike's toolkit for just $34.97.

8 Motion Pro Ringer Tool
[Replacing fork seals is one of those seemingly daunting tasks that many riders pay a shop to do. But the procedure is fairly straightforward, and the only special tool you'll need is a seal driver. Motion Pro's new Ringer seal driver retails for $44.99 and is available for 39mm dirtbike forks and the bigger 43mm forks found on modern sportbikes. Machined from aluminum and steel, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

9 Harbor Freight Balance Stand
[Properly balanced tires roll smoother and wear longer. This $49.99 balance stand from Harbor Freight allows you to save money by balancing your own tires, and with the optional $34.99 clamping dial indicator it works as a truing stand for wire-spoke wheels as well. The stand uses sealed ball bearings and works on all common wheel sizes with axle diameters from 15-37mm.