Team Green's Grom Alternative

Before anyone gets too excited and starts calling out their Grom-owning buddies for a match-up, Kawasaki has yet to say whether the U.S. market will see the KSR Pro, a new mini-motard that would certainly make for an interesting MC Comparo with the popular Honda Grom. Perhaps the Grom’s surprise success combined with some media-generated interest will inspire Kawasaki to bring the KSR Pro stateside as an early-release 2015 model.

The Asian-market 2014 KSR Pro bears strong resemblance to previous models on the outside, but benefits from a new 4-speed manual trans replacing the automatic, and an electric starter to go along with the kicker. The 111cc mini rolls on 12-inch, cast-aluminum wheels shod with street tires, while an inverted fork and petal-disc rotors deliver modern steering and stopping performance. You won't find the KSR Pro on the Kawasaki USA website, but you can check it out (in English or Japanese) on the Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries site.