Sota Muka Multi-fuel Stove

Getting gasoline on your hands stinks, and traditional remote-tank liquid fuel stoves are all notorious for creating a fuel spraying mess when hooking-up and priming them. So many riders prefer using a gas canister type stove...but this modern non-priming stove provides great all-weather performance without leaked pools of fuel or the sooty hassle associated with pre-heating before lighting. And there's no chance of running out of fuel as long as your bike is nearby. You simply pump up the pressure in the proprietary wide-mouthed fuel bottle (sold separately) until the red pressure indicator button pops up and it is ready to light. A single control dial operates ignition, adjusts heat control, extinguishes the flame, and clears the fuel line to prevent dribbling gas when detaching the stove from the pump. Neat. Boils a liter of water in about 4.5 minutes burning either white gas or unleaded. Packs up small for easy portability. Includes hose, pump, maintenance tool and carrying case. Stove (stowed) dimensions 3.1"x2.6"x3.1", 11.5 oz. (including pump). Fuel Bottle 700ml (24 fl oz.) 2.9"x11.4", 6.3 oz.