Race-Smart SCU for Kawasaki ZX-10R's Factory Öhlins Mechatronic Steering Damper

Owners of the 2013-14 Kawasaki ZX-10R who race or track your bike can now take it to level three, Race Mode, with an upgrade Öhlins Race SCU (Suspension Control Unit) for the Öhlins OEM-fitted steering damper.


The Race-Smart SCU is programed to transform the factory Öhlins Mechatronic, electronically controlled steering damper on the latest ZX-10R into race mode, stepping it up to the real-world demands of the racetrack. From the factory, the Öhlins electronically controlled steering damper is tuned to be adaptive to a broad range of street riding, from parking lots to legal speeds. With installation of the Öhlins Race SCU, the steering damper reacts to the higher speeds of racetracks, and to kinetic extremes of velocity and rider input, providing a semi-active dynamic range of higher damping values.


The Race SCU reveals that the factory-fitted Öhlins damper is racetrack-proven, and all that it needs is the proper semi-active tuning to perform. The OEM electronically controlled ZX-10R Öhlins damper internals require no modification to work with the Race ECU, which plugs directly into the factory programming/diagnostic connector. Öhlins says that although designed for track use, the Race ECU can be used on a street bike with no danger. The benefits on the street, however, depend solely on the rider.


The Öhlins Race SCU for the 2013-14 Kawasaki ZX-10R is part #21740-03, and has an MSRP of $328.00. More information and dealer location can be found on the Öhlins USA website.