Nuviz HUD for Helmets

Is putting a virtual display on your face shield helpful or a distraction?

Nuvix HUD
Head-up display image shown from the rider's perspective.Photo: Nuviz

Factory and aftermarket head-up display (HUD) units can be found in a growing number of cars on the road today. HUD can put a wealth of data directly in the driver's line of sight with the road, eliminating the need to look down at the dash. But can the same technology serve the same purpose for motorcycle riders as well? The Nuviz Ride:HUD is an add-on module in development that can adapt to a full-face helmet to project a liquid crystal on silicone (LCOS) data image onto the lower right portion of the face shield. Nuviz claims that the unit is designed to fit most full face helmets and will not interfere with the closure of the shield. More importantly, Nuviz says that the rider's eyes will not have to refocus from the road to the display image. This means that farsighted riders will not require corrective lenses to see the HUD image since the focal "length" of the virtual display image will be the same as the point on which the rider's eyes were.

Is this the wave of the future or a technological distraction? Give us your feedback in the comments section below or visit the Motorcyclist Magazine Facebook page and join the discussion there.

Detailed specs and pre-ordering info can be found on the Nuviz website.

Nuviz Ride: HUD unit mounted on the chinbar projects a virtual image onto the lower right portion of the faceshield.Photo: Nuviz