MotoQuest Adds Indian Motorcycles To Their Rental Fleet

Vehicle rentals can be more than a temporary mode of transportation for frequent flyers on a business trip. Car guys were hip to the idea of renting for pleasure as far back as the mid ‘60s when weekend racers would rush over to the local Hertz “rent-a-racer” agency on Friday afternoon to reserve one of the hottest ponycars of the era, the coveted black-and-gold Shelby Mustang GT 350-H (the “H” clearly visible in the bottom rocker stripes designating a special Hertz edition). Today’s motorcyclists are just as savvy when it comes to testing out a particular bike prior to purchase or even taking one out on a pleasure cruise. MotoQuest, a company that has taken us up to Alaska on one of their tours, recently added three 2014 Indian motorcycle models to their rental line.

Press release from MotoQuest:

MotoQuest, known for motorcycle rentals, tour packages and self-guided adventures, recently announced the addition of 2014 Indian Motorcycle models to their fleet of rental bikes. Customers can now rent the Indian Chief Classic, Indian Chief Vintage and Indian Chieftain from MotoQuest’s Portland, San Francisco and Long Beach rental locations.

Few brands are as steeped in tradition and history as Indian Motorcycle. From its humble beginnings in 1901, Indian Motorcycle blazed a trail that helped define what motorcycles should be. Many of the designs and features commonly found in modern motorcycles can trace their roots back to the innovations found in the early Indians. Now this legendary brand has returned, and its latest models draw heavily on this heritage of innovation to once again push the limits of motorcycle design. Learn more about Indian Motorcycles here (or revisit the First Ride reviews of the 2014 Indian Chieftain __and Chief).

The Indian Chief Classic is a sculpted, powerful cruiser combining the purest necessities of Indian style with modern technology and comfort. The Indian Chief Vintage brings the iconic Indian styling to a whole new level with beautiful brown leather saddlebags that perfectly complement the bike’s classic Indian Red finish. The Indian Chieftain is the cream of the crop with advanced technology, and is the first Indian Motorcycle to feature hard fairings and saddlebags. These bikes are expected to book quickly, so contact one of the MotoQuest rental offices or make your reservation online. More information on the rental fleet and tour services are available on the MotoQuest website.