Jardine New GP1R Press Kit

Announcing Jardine's new entry into the street bike market - the GP1-R. This new full system exhaust has very unique styling with a custom fairing exhaust outlet that is styled to match each application with a unique Jardine tip.

Currently available for the Yamaha R6 (09-11) GSX-R 600/750 (06-07). The 08-09 and 2011 GSXR applications and 08-11 CBR1000RR will be available within the next two months.

[GP-1 Family of Exhausts
The GP-1 family of exhausts from Jardine Performance Products was built to perform while saving weight and making your motorcycle stand out in a crowd. The GP-1 slip-on exhausts are easy to install, look sleek by cleaning up the lines of your sportbike, and make an impressive exhaust note. For those whose riding style or need to have the best-looking exhaust on the market call for something spectacular, the GP1-R is the latest in high-performance technology that makes your racy streetbike look like a full-on racer with its unbeatable horsepower gains and outstanding underframe bodywork integration. Whether you're looking to slip on a pipe and go or invest in a full-on race exhaust, Jardine's GP-1 family is the best you will find.

[Jardine GP-1 Slip-On
The GP-1 stainless steel slip-on exhausts give your streetbike a boost in the style and sound departments without breaking the bank. Getting rid of that bulky stock exhaust and cleaning up the lines of your sport bike with Moto GP styling dramatically improves the looks of your machine, all while shaving off some unnecessary weight compared to stock. With polished stainless steel or brushed as well as black ceramic finishes to choose from, the GP-1 lineup has something for you. The serious sound emitted from the slip-on will make your presence known on the street, and a quiet insert is included. The best part is installation is a breeze with these easy-to-install pipes — if you have a couple of wrenches and a screwdriver, you can install the GP-1!

[Jardines GP-1R Full Exhaust
Get head-turning results with Jardine's GP1-R flawless Full System Exhaust. GP factory raceteam aesthetics make it look as though you've done hours of custom work and spent thousands on fabrication! Each unit has custom fairing exhaust outlet that is styled to match each bike with a unique Jardine tip, and the pipe is made from Tig-welded, 304 stainless steel thin-wall tubing. The GP1-R also lowers the center of gravity for improved handling response and stability at speed.

The GP1-R exhaust system is anywhere from four to 10 pounds lighter than stock and gives a horsepower boost throughout the RPM range, with an aggressive sound that is sure to get noticed wherever you roam (a quiet insert is available). Whether you’re looking for the ultimate on-track performance exhaust or something to make you stand out as you carve your favorite back road, the GP1-R offers the style, sound and performance you need.

[History of Jardine Performance Products
More than fifty years ago, Jardine Performance Products developed its first exhaust system to transform cars of the late 1950s into hot rods. With a hunger for power and the drive to branch out into two-wheeled performance, Jardine developed its first high-performance motorcycle exhaust system in 1972 using the knowledge gleaned from those hot rods. Back then, Jardine's team of engineers and speed enthusiasts didn't have computer simulation, CAD Cam, Vector Tracing, and all the other great technology that's been developed recently to produce products that squeeze every last ounce of power out of a Jardine exhaust. What they did have was a tireless dedication to making the best possible exhaust system, which meant they built prototypes by hand, put it on the dyno to make some smoke, then record the findings and repeat as necessary until they achieved the ultimate goal: quality exhausts that produced jaw-dropping power and looked great while doing so.

Jardine’s current lineup of astounding exhaust slip-ons and full systems are manufactured using the latest technology. High-tech CMM and Vector Infrared Tracer machines copy prototypes to NASA-like specs. Automated punch presses, CNC Tube Cutters and Benders manipulate metal at incredible rates of accuracy and speed. In one fluid motion, robotic arms plasma-cut shapes and weld components together from precisely written computer programs and fixtures. Final assembly includes polishing plating or coating, and packaging. While the methods of manufacturing Jardine’s high quality exhausts may have changed drastically since 1959, one thing remains constant: Jardine is still focused on producing the best possible exhausts for your machine. Countless hours of planning, determination, and revolutionary engineering go into each one of Jardine’s exhausts systems. Jardine Performance Products has made a point to never forget the history and the golden era of performance motorcycles, but is focused on the future of where motorcycles are going and how Jardine can help them get there quicker.