Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge set for AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- Motorcycles have always pushed the boundaries of fuel economy, but American Motorcyclist Association Motorcycle Hall of Famer Craig Vetter knows they can do better. On July 20, at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, Vetter is issuing a challenge to help test the energy-conserving limits of motorcycles.

The Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge is a 100-mile ride through the countryside surrounding the Mid-Ohio grounds. Competitors will ride their motorcycles under real-world conditions while attempting to consume the least fuel.

"Motorcycles can help us live better with less energy, and that is what we demonstrate with the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge," Vetter said. "We want to discover the least amount of energy -- in dollars and cents -- it takes to travel the way we really ride. That's why the conditions of these events happen on real roads and not under controlled track conditions."

Vetter added that motorcycles not only have to produce excellent mileage, but they must be comfortable, attractive and be able to carry a reasonable load -- such as four bags of groceries.

"We want to advance motorcycle technology," Vetter said. "The best way to do that is to have a competition. Regardless of what type of motorcycle you ride, modified or not, we welcome your participation in this process. Plus, for casual competitors and friends, this is a great way to discover, under safe conditions, just whose bike does perform better on less fuel."

The winning challenger at 2011 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days was Max Perethian, son of famous fuel economy pioneer Charly Perethian. Max consumed $4.53 worth of pump gas on his NX250, averaging 156 mpg. His fuel cost was 2.37 cents per mile.

Awards will be available for the overall winner, the best electric bike, the best alternative fuel challenger and the best traditional fuel challenger. Details, including further descriptions of each category and how costs per mile are measured, are available at

As the country's grandest celebration of the people and machines that define motorcycling's history, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days provides a unique backdrop for an event focused on the future of motorcycle design. The annual gathering features vintage and post-vintage competition in motocross, trials, hare scrambles, roadracing and dirt track. In addition to demo rides of current production bikes, it includes North America's largest motorcycle swap meet, educational seminars, bike shows, motorcycling seminars, the new product Manufacturers' Midway, and club corrals featuring marque and regional clubs.

Proceeds from AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days benefit the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. The goal of the Hall of Fame, located on the campus of the AMA in Pickerington, Ohio, is to honor the distinguished men and women whose competitive spirit, passion, vision and entrepreneurship have played a vital role in shaping the sport, lifestyle and business of motorcycling. For more information, call (614) 856-2222, or visit the Hall of Fame's website at

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