BMW Motorcycles: The Name equals Change. Part IV

The decision of BMW to produce motorcycles with in-line engines saw the bikes in these model series receive a totally separate designation.The development designation ‘K’ was adopted as a series badge. As with the boxer models, the ‘K’ was followed by a number derived from the displacement of the in-line engine. BMW followed the same pattern with the single-cylinder machine that went on sale in 1993. This model series was given the designation ‘F’, referring to the ‘Funduro’ concept. More recently, the new generation of lightweight single-cylinder machines presented in 2006 took on the letter ‘G’.

BMW explored a totally different direction in its attempt to launch a new type of mobility concept. Its ‘enclosed motorcycle’ was christened BMW ‘C1’, the ‘C’ standing for ‘City’ – the main area of use for this two-wheeler. Meanwhile, the new off-road bike unveiled in 2005 saw BMW break for the first time with the naming systems used for boxer-engined motorcycles since 1923. It was dubbed the HP (High Performance) 2 (cylinders) Enduro. This range has since been expanded with the ‘Megamoto’ and HP2 Sport.

To be continued....