ABS Now Available on the MV Agusta F4 Range

ABS with RLM (anti-rear wheel lift) is now available on MV Agusta's F4 models.

The compact, lightweight Bosch 9MPlus control unit at the heart of the ABS system contains pressure sensors that [interface with two phonic wheels (one for the front wheel, one for the rear). The main objective of this new ABS system is to reduce braking distances on wet, damp, or otherwise low-traction surfaces. The ABS system also prevents deceleration from causing the rear wheel to lose contact with the asphalt, thus impeding the motorcycle from tipping forward.

Two operating modes are offered on the ABS system, which can be selected using the handlebar controls: Normal mode keeps the system engaged at all times when on the road, while Race mode, which limits the system’s intervention to the minimum, ideal for use on the track. The system can also be disengaged if desired by the rider.

Expect to see ABS systems adapted to more and more large-displacement motorcycles in the coming years, following a recent measure approved by the European Parliament in November 2012 that will require antilock braking systems on all new motorcycles above 125cc beginning in 2016.