2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure | FIRST LOOK

From the Shocking News Flash Desk come the following alerts: Fire Is Hot, Water Is Wet, BMW To Offer Adventure Version of New R1200GS as a 2014 model.

While the sheer inevitability of an updated Adventure model was pretty much a done deal from the moment the WasserBoxer was announced, the lack of surprise doesn’t dilute the anticipation of its arrival. The new GS-A is powered by the air/liquid-cooled 1170cc twin just introduced on the R1200GS, with vertical flow-through for the intake and exhaust, a six-speed gearbox, and a wet clutch, all bolted to a steel space frame and fed by a 7.9-gallon aluminum gas tank.

The new GS-A comes standard with ABS, Automatic Stability Control (ASC), and Rain and Road riding modes. Three more optional riding modes let you adjust the ABS and ASC to better suit off-road conditions. Other off-road goodies include hand protectors, crash bars, wider enduro footrests, protective grills for the air-intake ducts, and adjustable shift and rear-brake pedals to accommodate your enormous MX boots. Aluminum cases, a water-resistant tank bag, and inner bags are optional.

No prices have been announced—the outgoing bike started at $18,350—but you might want to put your _Long Way Round _DVDs on eBay now. You’ll need the bucks, and after your GS-A arrives you might be making a video of your own round-the-world trip.