2013 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC | FIRST LOOK

With a nail-biter finish to the World Superbike Championship, Max Biaggi took home his second title aboard an Aprilia RSV4 Factory. Aprilia's racing efforts clearly have paid off, but the Noale company continues to develop the street-going versions of its V-four superbike. For 2013, the RSV4 returns with ABS standard alongside many other small refinements.

The new ABS comes from a partnership with Bosch. The system weighs 4.4 pounds, contains three levels of adjustability, and may also be disengaged. The first level is set up for track use (but approved for street use as well) and is meant to get the most performance when pushing the limits. The second level is dedicated to street riding at a sporty pace, and features an exclusive tip-over control system to help with stability. Level three is the rain setting and maximizes the use of ABS. Each of the ABS settings may be used in any of the three engine management settings: Track, Sport, and Road.

The 2013 model comes with the second generation of the APRC electronic package. Traction control can be adjusted on the fly without closing the throttle. A mini joystick on the left handlebar allows the rider to choose from eight levels of activation. Aprilia Wheelie Control (AWC) has three levels of adjustment. Aprilia Launch Control (ALC) also has three levels of adjustment, but is for track use only. AQS, which stands for Aprilia Quick Shift, is also standard.

To help improve handling, the RSV4's seat has been lowered and the engine has been moved slightly to lower the center of gravity.

A few modifications in the ECU and a slight change in the exhaust design has brought peak horsepower up to 184 at 12,500 rpm plus an increase in torque to 86.3 lb.-ft at 10,500 rpm. That is an increase of about 4 bhp and 1.5 lb.-ft of torque over the 2012 model.

The fuel tank has also seen a slight increase in capacity from 4.5 gallons to 4.9 gallons.

Price and availability for the North American market has yet to be determined, but with the addition of ABS and other small refinements, the European price tag of €22,790 shows a slight increase from last year's €22,390. The outgoing 2012 RSV4 Factory APRC fetched $22,999 in the US with the non-Factory version starting at $16,999.

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