NEW! XENA XX Series Stainless Steel Alarmed Disc-Locks

Xena's new XX-series disc locks are stronger and louder than ever!

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- **XENA Intelligent Security waslaunched in the mid-1990s by British product engineers andmotorcycle enthusiasts. XENA became the first to createa hybrid high-security lock for motorcycles by integrating a110dB alarm into an exceptionally strong stainless-steel disc-lock.

Extremely strong

XENA's newest line of XX locks are built from a single blockof high-grade 100% stainless-steel. The best-in-class XX14and XX10 models feature a double-locking, pick-proof,carbide-reinforced locking pin.

The loudest XENA yet

All that stainless-steel is wrapped around a self-arming 120dBalarm (10dB more than previous models) linked to shock andmotion sensors.

New battery

The new higher decibel alarm is powered by a single long-lifeCR2 Lithium battery for improved performance in all conditions,extending battery life from one riding season to a calendar year.

New access

Access to the alarm module and sound port has been movedto the back of the lock body, hiding sound port and batteryaccess when in use. Apart from additional security, this also createsa sound-box effect for a louder alarm, while the new alarm port designgreatly improves weather-proofing.

100% recyclable materials

All XX series disc-lock alarms are made of 100% recyclable materials,from the steel in the lock body to the PET plastic module and CR2Lithium battery.

Lock features
. 100% Stainless Steel
. Double-Locking System
. Carbide-Reinforced Locking Pin
. Ice Spray-Proof Body & Barrel
. Total Corrosion Resistance

Alarm features
. 120dB Alarm/CR2 Lithium Battery
. Auto Arm/Disarm
. Shock & Movement Sensors
. Replaceable Alarm Module

About XENA
The first to introduce the alarmed-lock concept over a decadeago, XENA Security continues to dominate the market for thesehighly innovative security devices and full range of relatedaccessories. The XENA product line includes the revolutionaryBULLETT Lock system, disc-lock alarms, adaptors for cablesand chains, XGA Ground Anchors and XENA branded PIRZone Alarms.

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