The New Ducati 1098 | Real World Opinions

Forget Doug Polen, Here's What Some Regular Track-Day Riders Had To Say About The New Ducati 1098.

Name: Chris Hesse
Age: 33
Profession: Drummer, Hoobastank
Years riding: 10
Ducatis owned: none
Current ride: Yamaha YZF-R6

This is the first time I've ridden a Ducati. Going from my R6 to the 999 was really awkward. The 1098 felt bigger, and really stiff. All that torque is nice-I get why people like twins. I had a lot more confidence on the 999. It handled better and felt smoother. I was behind someone and smoked him down the straightaway-that's all that matters!

Name: Mark Duncan
Age: 50
Profession: Owner, The Track Club
Years riding: 35
Ducatis owned: 1991 851 Superbike
Current ride: Kawasaki ZX-10R

I liked the 1098 better than the 999, but it kind of scared me-the last Ducati I rode was my 851. The power is unbelievable! I saw 147 mph at one point and got real nervous. I'm tall, and there was a lot more legroom there. It's an elegant bike I'd be happy to own. My 851 cost $12,500 in 1991, so the $14,995 1098 is a great value.

**Name: Daniel Schoenewald **
Age: 53
Profession: President, Advanced Motion Controls
Years riding: 40
Ducatis owned: "many-about 20"
Current ride: Honda CBR600RR

I rode a 999S to Laguna Seca last year, and it's everything I love about Ducatis. The 1098S looks bigger, but it feels small and nimble, and it's just as stable. It's very easy to ride. The 916 was stunning when it came out. The 999 is a nice motorcycle, but she's not the prettiest girl at the nightclub. The 1098 is stunning all over again.

**Name: Lyle Jeffrey Brown **
Age: 41
Profession: Computer programmer
Years riding: 15
Ducatis owned: none
Current ride: Suzuki GSX-R1000

The 999 feels longer and more stable: good for high-speed and probably more comfortable on a long ride. But it doesn't have as much torque as the more compact 1098, which wants to wheelie all the time. The 1098's brakes are monstrous. I've never owned a Ducati, but I think the 1098 bridges the gap between Italian and Japanese bikes quite nicely.

**Name: Pete Cristensen **
Age: 39
Profession: Service Manager, Cal Coast Motorsports
Years riding: 24
Ducatis owned: none
Current ride: Suzuki GSX-R1000

The 999 is more comfortable, but I like the 1098's seating position on the track. The 999 feels better mid-corner, and I like its gauges, but not its gearbox-I was either over-revving the engine or lugging it. Finding the right gear is easy on the 1098, and its lighter steering is more like a Japanese bike. The low price is going to entice more people to buy a Ducati.