Mountain Moxie Women’s Motorcycle Conference

The largest East Coast conference for women motorcyclists.

Happy women riders at Mountain Moxie 2016.Photo: Mountain Moxie

This year, the first weekend in May is the 2nd Annual Mountain Moxie, presented by Moto Girl Cafe & Tom McGrath's Motorcycle Law Group. Taking place in glorious Little Switzerland, NC, not only will the riding be spectacular but the activities planned should be as well.

Founder Robin Dail started the event in the hopes of duplicating the informative and social atmosphere she came to know and love in her 30-year career as a nurse. She had attended similar conferences numerous times and felt that a motorcycle conference where women could learn more about riding was needed. where her fellow female riders could step out of their comfort zones and into a slightly different riding experience would be great for everyone.

Motorcycles at Mountain Moxie 2016.Photo: Mountain Moxie

One of the activities featured will be on-road street skills with MotoMark1, North Carolina's Premier Motorcycle Training School. If you plan on attending an event in such a twisty location, you may want to brush up on your riding techniques. The event also features female motorcyclists ranging from a Guinness World Record holder to a maintenance expert and an experienced international traveller.

Unlike much larger events, Mountain Moxie will be limited to 150 participants which should make for a more intimate event. All female motorcyclists are welcome to attend, regardless of riding lifestyle. Vendors and sponsors are also invited to participate in the hotel lobby and parking lot.

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