Motorcyclist Tested - Joe Rocket Trixie Suit

Why is it so hard to get women's riding gear right? Either it doesn't offer enough protection, it doesn't fit, it's more suitable for amateur night at the local strip club or it's just plain ugly. Manufacturers are trying to get it right, but given the growing number of female street riders, they need to do better. Joe Rocket is doing better with its Trixie suit. It's practical, smart, reasonably priced and undeniably cute.

Initially, the form-fitted leather jacket and pants (sold separately) feel lightweight and comfortable. The 1.0-to-1.2mm-thick cowhide eliminates the bulky feel of heavier garments, and the adjustable hips on the jacket and waistband on the pants accommodate differing body mass, if not length. For a longer-limbed woman, the legs and sleeves tend to ride up after assuming the position on a bike. Smartly positioned zippers at the biceps allow for ventilation in warmer weather, and the removable liner offers substantial insulation for warding off cold. Spine and hip pads, along with elbow, knee and shoulder armor, offer satisfactory protection for commuting and moderate sport riding, though not track days. There aren't any knee sliders, anyway.

Joe Rocket paid close attention to detail on the suit's design, which women riders will appreciate. The flared pant legs may seem impractical, but they're not; the leather is heavy enough that they don't flop around like bellbottom jeans, and they don't get caught on bike parts either. Stylish touches include hibiscus flowers on the pant flares, glitter flower appliqus on the hips and an urban-camouflage inner liner. It's a girl thing.

Sizing is XS-XXL for the jacket and XS-XL for the pants. Matching gloves (but not boots) are also available.

One word of warning: If you don't want to attract a lot of attention, opt for a color combination besides fuchsia/white, white/gunmetal or Hawaii blue/white--say, black/black, black/cream or red/white. Whether you want to be seen, subtle or somewhere in between, Joe Rocket's got you covered.-MC