The Motorcyclist Pictorial | September 1936

From the September 1936 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Left page-From top to bottom-An unusual hillclimb shot caught by a wandering Wisconsin photographer. Anybody can loop ‘em, but it takes practice to stand one on ‘er nose “Frenchie” on 26 leads “Woodsie” on 9, during the final race at Trenton, N.J., on August 16th The electric eye timer used at the Trenton races. Neat but not gaudy, you might say You guessed it. Putt Mossman “comes a cropper” on an English track. Too much tea Putt, you need more black coffee and raw beefsteak Right page-Cordy and Marie after their marriage in England. Fred Whitehead of Hackney Wick staged a reception. Speedway News reports that the bride and groom marched into the club to the strains of the Wedding March, whereupon the gathering became “matey over cocktails, much matier over the wine and so matey over Champagne that one Tom Bradbury Pratt nearly offered free admission to all fans for the balance of the season.” My Word! Well, upon occasion Cordy can do a good job of this matey business himself Emil Recke and Carbino of New Yor