MC Tested: Race Tech Motorcycle Shock Preload Adjusting Tool

You can dispose of those drifts, screwdrivers, spanners next time you need to adjust spring preload on your motorcycle. This dedicated tool from Race Tech doesn't even require prayer. By Tim Carrithers

The most useful suspension-adjustment gizmo in the toolbox could pass for an abused screwdriver. From the smooth, steel handle and oddly angled tip, Race Tech's Shock Preload Adjusting Tool hardly looks indispensable. Not until you confront a stubborn, threaded spring-preload adjuster.

We've tried hammers. Bigger hammers. Screwdrivers. Drifts. Intercessory prayer. We've tried spanners of all races, creeds and metallurgical compositions; they work, but rarely on more than one bike, and never in truly obstinate cases. The classic hammer and punch/screwdriver method is effective—but brutal. Said screwdriver tip ricochets out of position every other time it's smacked with a hammer, chewing up the shock's castellated adjusting rings and inflicting collateral damage on bodywork, fingers and mental health.

Meanwhile, the Race Tech tool's curved tip stays put, turning hammer blows into more or less spring preload without unnecessary wear, tear or swearing. Measuring 12 inches from tip to tail, it's stout, quite nicely made, well-balanced and tough; seemingly tough enough to outlast three or four motorcycles. Unlike 99 out of 100 screwdrivers, the Race Tech tool's handle shrugs off repeated pounding; our dead-blow shop hammer never glanced off toward some unintended target.

At $49.99, the only thing it's not is cheap, but good tools never are. If you're about having the right one for shock spring-preload adjustments, this is it.

**Price: **$49.99
**Verdict: **Shock preload adjustments made almost painless.

Race Tech Inc.
1501 Pomona Rd.
Corona, CA 92880
(909) 279-6655