MC Tested: Pinlock Anti-Fog Lens

Droning up Interstate 5 through a frog-strangler of a storm is only amusing if you can see where you're going, so when the face shield on my Arai Profile fogged up to the point of opaqueness, I decided to pull off in Fife to warm up on South Sound BMW's free java and plan my next move.

I've been a Fog City fan for years, but hadn't glued one of their inserts into my latest lid yet. Peter at the parts desk set me up with a Pinlock Fog-Free lens installed on one of Arai's Pinlock-ready shields. Six minutes later, I was trotting around the showroom with the visor down and a clear view of my surroundings. Let there be light!

The Pinlock insert works great and updates the double-pane idea with a modular insert system. Gear geeks can tote alternate Pinlock colors for changing weather conditions, including high-contrast yellow, amber and three shades of smoke.

On a gray day, riders need all the light we can get, so I stuck with the all-purpose clear shield. It got me home through slow traffic in the rain with visibility to spare-a night-and-day difference from before I pulled in for the upgrade.

The total price was a staggering $91, but that's because I had to buy Arai's $60.95 Pinlock-ready shield in addition to the more reasonably priced Pinlock lens. Lenses are available for nearly every brand of helmet, but keep in mind you'll need an accepting visor.

Pinlock Anti-Fog Lens
Price: $29.95
Contact: Pinlock USA

Verdict 4.5 stars out of 5
An effective solution to fogged vision, though you'll need the right shield first.