MC Tested: Fog City Hyper Optiks Light Reactive Visor Insert

With over a million inserts sold, Fog City's anti-fog capabilities are well established. The secret is the polymer matrix coating, which interacts with water vapor on a molecular level to banish fog for good.

The Hyper Optiks insert mates Fog City's legendary anti-misting technology with a new light-reactive, self-dimming effect. When exposed to bright light, the insert changes from pale mint green to cobalt blue in about 4 seconds. From inside the helmet the change seems minimal, but flipping up the visor reveals just how much of a difference it makes as your pupils shrink in horror. While not as effective as a set of Ray Ban's, the insert does reduce eyestrain and improve overall comfort, especially on overcast days. Plus it blocks UV radiation from scorching your face, which is great for those with an aversion to sunscreen.

Installation is a straightforward peel-and-stick. The adhesive strip on the perimeter of the insert is just a few millimeters wide, making for a clean transition from insert edge to visor. Unfortunately it's also fragile, coming up at the edges during the third month of use.

Though the insert is supposedly good for all light conditions, we were concerned with its reactivity at night. But oncoming headlights and street lamps had no effect. There was some glare, but only at extreme angles.

Although it would be nice if the insert dimmed to a darker tint, you can't beat it for convenience.

Fog City Hyper Optiks Light Reactive Visor Insert
Price: $39.95

Contact: Modern World Ventures

Verdict 4 stars out of 5
Trick technology for your lid, plus unbeatable anti-fog and UV protection.