MC Tested: Contisport Attack Radial Motorcycle Tires

Phenomenal grip on the street and on B-group track days

When you think of Continental, super-sticky sport tires don't immediately come to mind. So, as you might expect, Continental wants to change that with the new ContiSport Attack: a radial that can come to grips with modern sportbikes while instilling confidence in modern sportbike riders.

For the obsessively technical, it's a zero-degree radial--one steel belt on a rayon fabric base--that aims to heat up quickly, deliver neutral steering and handle aggressive braking and acceleration. Continental spent a tremendous amount of time and resources on this one. The steel-belted carcass helps maintain contact-patch shape at both ends, as well as stability under acceleration for the rear tire. The rayon/steel foundation helps the Black Chilli rubber compound--Continental claims it's the softest in the sporty-tire market--warm up to sticky operating temperature in one big hurry. It's not the lightest construction on the street, though nobody but a professional tire tester is likely to notice.

At its introduction in northern Spain, just outside Barcelona, the Attack impressed us with excellent high-speed stability and neutral steering, along with great feel from both ends. A relatively rounded profile means no tipping into slower comers. Grip was flawless on our street ride, but since we only rode on dry pavement, wet-grip testing will have to wait until the next time it rains in L.A.

When our street ride ended 90 miles south of Barcelona at Calafat raceway, the track briefing--rough/missing pavement, slippery seams, concrete walls and little or no runoff--didn't inspire confidence. Luckily, the tires did. Though some loose pavement and a few slick spots got my attention, the Attack's performance was extremely impressive for a street tire.

Grip and stability were consistently good, street or track. The front Attack is among the best sporting rubber available, with superb feedback under hard braking and when entering corners. Neutral steering feel makes trail braking easy as well. It got a little greasy when pushed hard for a number of laps, but Conti's latest was always predictable and never broke loose unexpectedly. Overall, the Attack seems like a good choice for the aggressive street rider who signs up for an occasional track day. A-group riders, however, will find it goes greasy sooner than dedicated track rubber. And, unlike some of its competitors, you won't have to fiddle with suspension or ride height to make it work. But as a street tire that might occasionally find itself on the track, we found the Attack to be apredictable, confidence-inspiring performer.

Front: $85.99-$87.99
Rear: $102.99-$123.99

Four Star

Phenomenal grip on the street and on B-group track days

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