Lightning Motorcycles has announced the coming release of its first mass-market electric motorcycle. The Lightning Strike will officially launch in March 2019, carrying a competitive $12,998 price tag.

The news is scant as far as details on the machine at this point, but the company did release some enticing information on range and charge time. According to Lightning, the Strike will be capable of 150 miles on a charge and reach a top speed of 150 mph. Riders will be able to juice up the machine in as little as 35 minutes with a DC charge.

lightning electric motorcycle
We’re hoping to see an electric sportbike for the masses during Lightning’s official unveil in March.Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles has been on the electric scene since 2009, and its first product was the exclusive LS-218, a 200-hp beast capable of reaching 218 mph. That mark gave Lightning the distinction of producing the fastest production electric motorcycle at the time.

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While the Strike doesn’t compare to these eye-popping numbers, it is an alluring machine, even with what little we know about it. The teaser image shows the headlights illuminated in the dark, and it’s evident the Strike will have a similar visage to the LS-218. Electric sportbikes have up to now been much like the LS-218, boutique items priced beyond the reach of most consumers. Electric standards, dirt bikes, and dual-sports have been much more common in the marketplace.

With the rising profile of electric sportbikes in racing, more advanced charging technology, and increased range, we imagine the Lightning Strike will be the tip of the iceberg. We’re excited to get the full details of the machine this coming March, so stay tuned.