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Leo Vince SBK Corsa Exhaust

When art aficionados describe classic works, they use adjectives such as genius, beauty and avant-garde. Gear-heads are more likely to use these terms to describe treasures such as the LeoVince SBK Corsa exhaust.

This Italian-made 4-2-1 setup is composed of numerous meticulously bent and TIG-welded pieces held together with springs, capped off by an ovoid (oval section) muffler. Made entirely of titanium, and secured by a carbon-fiber mount, the complete system we installed on our 2005 Suzuki GSX-R750 weighs just 14 pounds-6 less than the standard setup. Think how many carbon-fiber parts or titanium fasteners you'd have to buy to save that much weight! Crucially, most of that weight savings comes from the muffler, which improves mass centralization and, in turn, handling.

As for performance, we tested the LeoVince against the stock exhaust on the same dynamometer and saw significant gains. Where the stocker made 127.3 peak horsepower at 12,750 rpm, the aftermarket pipe, working with a preprogrammed Dynojet Power Commander, boosted that to 131.55 bhp at 13,500. That made for a noticeable improvement, not just in the sheer quantity of power but also by giving the bike the additional revs to save an upshift and downshift on some straightaways. The torque figures didn't change quite as dramatically, but what the graph did show was a smoother curve. Throttle response also was much crisper.

The SBK Corsa exhaust is designed for race use only, thus is too top-end-biased and too loud for the street. It's also prohibitively expensive. Those looking for an affordable street system should consider LeoVince's excellent line of slip-ons, which start at $294. But for a racer wanting more power, less weight and an unparalleled-quality exhaust system, the search is over.

Leo Vince SBK Corsa Exhaust
Price: $1900
Contact: LeoVince

LeoVince's tagline, The Art of Performance," has been achieved with this metal masterpiece.