Katech Inc. V-twin Engine will Power New Confederate "Renovatio" Motorcycle

Press release courtesy of McCullough Public Relations

Katech Inc. has been selected by Confederate Motor Company (Birmingham, Ala.) to design and manufacture a V-twin engine for Confederate's new "Renovatio" motorcycle.

Following a conceptual design investigation phase, the companies have entered into an agreement to produce five prototype engines. The engines will be dyno-tested and validated by Katech then installed into prototype Renovatio motorcycles.

The 90 degree pushrod engine features 1686 cc (103 cubic inches) of displacement. According to Caleb Newman, Katech vice president, director aftermarket operations, the V-twin was inspired by General Motors' accomplished LS7 7.0L V8 and represents the company's first foray into motorcycle engines after 28 years as an industry leader in advanced automobile racing and high-performance engine development.

"Together we are embarking on a mission to redefine the American motorcycle," said Newman. "Confederate motorcycles are categorically unique. They are stark and elegant while devoid of ornamentation. Like Katech engines, each is built by hand. Our passion, uncompromising standards and commitment to individual craftsmanship make Katech and Confederate ideal partners."

Since 1991, Confederate has produced some of America's fastest and most luxurious radial-twin motorcycles. The company's F131 Hellcat and B91 Wraith have been acclaimed by national and international press for their imaginative blend of futuristic and early 20th century design qualities.

The Renovatio, whose name is Latin for "Rebirth," will signal Confederate's return to alternative American motorcycle design and production when it goes on sale in 2007. In 2005, the company, then headquartered in New Orleans, was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

"More literally, Renovatio means a renewal of functioning," said Matt Chambers, founder and president, Confederate Motor Company. "This bike celebrates recovery and the revival of the all-American motorcycle. Its design is pure and minimal. And to drive it, an all-American engine - classic Detroit muscle!"

Chambers noted the Renovatio's compact, lightweight engine stands in stark contrast to the considerably larger powerplant that attracted him to Katech.

"The XV16 was an absolute jewel of pushrod V engine architecture," said Chambers of the 16-cylinder, 1,000 horsepower Katech monster motor caged in Cadillac's 2003 Sixteen concept car. "Witnessing such ingenuity on a grand scale made me excited for what was possible on the opposite end of the spectrum. After deep and careful consideration we selected Katech to be our partner."

"Our V-twin engine will produce 135 horsepower and 125 lbs.-ft. torque, which is comparable to some automobiles," said Newman. "And it will be styled to match the Renovatio's simple form. It's a minimalistic, modern execution of classic Detroit muscle. The front and rear of the bike will bolt directly to the engine, eliminating a complicated and heavy frame. This will allow the rider to experience an exciting connection with their machine."

To learn more about Katech engine technology, visit www.katechengines.com. Motorcycle enthusiasts can visit Confederate Motor Company online at www.confederate.com.

Preliminary Engine Specifications:

Type: V-twin
Displacement: 1686 cc (103 cu. in.)
V-angle: 90 degrees
Compression ratio: 11.0:1
Valve configuration: Over head valves, 2 per cylinder
Valve lifters: Hydraulic roller
Bore x stroke: 108 x 92mm (4.252 x 3.622 in.)
Fuel system: Sequential fuel injection
Fuel Type: Premium unleaded
Horsepower: 135 hp (SAE Certified)
Torque: 125 lbs-ft (SAE Certified)
Fuel shut off: 7800 rpm
Block: 356-T6 Sand cast aluminum
Cylinder bores: Liner-less Nicom coated parent aluminum Cylinder head: 356-T6 Sand cast aluminum Intake manifold: Carbon runner, dual throttle body Exhaust manifold: 321 Stainless steel headers
Crankshaft: Billet 4340 steel
Camshaft: Billet 8620 VAR steel
Connecting rods: Forged Powder Metal Titanium
Pistons: Forged 4032 Aluminum
Valves: Forged titanium