Jonah Street RiffRaff 2012 -- Ruffians Recharged

Jonah Street Dakar Preparations are in Full Swing!

The RiffRaff | Jonah Street's Dakar Rally Support Team

Last year, Jonah Street's RiffRaff program broke some serious records. In fact, it was so successful and vital to his ability to take on Dakar that the KLIM rider locked down a stage win on his new Yamaha and provided daily updates via blogposts on! Yes, those iPhone minutes back to the U.S. were supported by you! As were his fees to break his tires out of embargo, pay atremendous fuel bill (he's on the gas, after all) and did we mention that stage win? That's your stage win! Great job!

RiffRaff did not, however, clear the dust on that one liaison road back to the bivouac enough for him to see the gigantic fuel tank,generate enough cash for him to bring a chair for the pits or even the funds to give his mechanic a shower. Yes, America's Dakar hero hit a TRUCK fuel tank and took a digger, sat in the dirt and smelled his mechanic. Actually, we have no confirmed reports of a dirty mechanic. No worries, though.Our favorite Washingtonian racer is tough. This year, with your help, we can put enough air into this year's RiffRaff to blow all the dust out of South America, provide him a slightly used folding throne and toss him a bar of soap or two.

It's now easier than ever to become fan of Dakar stage winner Jonah Street and support his racing efforts through the RiffRaff fanclub.

KLIM has stepped up this year and supplied a website that allows year-round access to support Johan. KLIM is dedicated to providing RiffRaff fan club members a great experience on swag that can only be found at We have teamed up with his major industry supporters to offer you unique opportunities and incentives to support one of the USA's top Athletes in the grueling Dakar Rally.We have also added a convenient feature this year that allows corporate and individuals to simply donate cash directly to Mr. Street. Make sure you save to your favorites because we are always adding new items.

All proceeds go directly to Jonah Street and his Dakar racing effort.

Type. Click. Support.Victory.