Husqvarna’s 2012 Dual-Purpose TE Line Revealed

CORONA, CA (August 23, 2011) – Throw dirt and pound pavement with Husqvarna's street-legal TE dual-sport motorcycles, the bikes which continue to provide riders the freedom to take aggressive off-road performance to the street!

All four TE models receive new reinforced all-black chromoly frames, silver rims and fresh styling (shared changes with the rest of the 2012 Husqvarna range). Key features also include suspension upgrades and the new TE250 “Low.” The 48mm open-cartridge Kayaba fork is stiffened up with revised damping for a comfortable and capable ride on road and trail. The TE250 and TE310 are both also upgraded to the Kayaba shock.

New in distinguishing the 250 from its larger TE310 sibling is a lower seat height. The Kayaba fork and shock on the TE250 are both shortened, resulting in a more user-friendly seat height approximately 50mm lower than last year’s. The “inseam challenged” will also appreciate the slightly lower saddle height on the 449 and 511 TE, both of which receive a 4mm shorter Kayaba shock. Designed specifically to complement the CTS (Coaxial Traction System), the upgraded rear suspension improves the handling characteristic and overall balance of the 449 and 511 chassis. On the front end, the fork valving is more aggressive for even better off-road performance.

The focus on the 2012 TE449 and TE511 was to make them more approachable all around, so along with a shorter seat height and refined suspension, the chassis is also updated with a streamlined wiring harness and a sleeker one-piece rear fender. The TE449 and 511 also run cooler than ever thanks to the addition of high-performance WP radiators.

The TE250 and TE310 share a number of upgrades including improved exhaust and new-generation frames. In striking red and black color scheme, the smaller bore TE models (250 and 310) are outfitted with more rigid frames, which complement the revised suspension, and pair stability with responsiveness for a confidence-inspiring ride. New exhaust systems deliver improved performance across the board, polishing up the power delivery on the 250 and 310 TE motorcycles.

Even with the long list of choice improvements for 2012, the TE line remains 50-state street legal. There is quite a wide spectrum between dirt and street that encompasses the bountiful category of “dual purpose” motorcycles, and Husqvarna’s TE models favor the “dirt” end of the scale. The TE dual sports are true off-roaders, urbanized just enough to allow riders to hop on the pavement every so often. Connect trailheads, ride straight from your garage – have the freedom to Ride More with the versatility of a Husqvarna TE!

Key Features
• 48mm Kayaba open-cartridge forks on all TEs receive stiffer settings
• TE250 seat height is 50mm shorter
• 250/310 receive Kayaba shock
• 449/511 Kayaba shock 4mm shorter for improved handling
• 449/511 receive more compact one-piece tail section
• 449/511 receive lighter, streamlined electrical system
• New reinforced all-black chromoly frame with increased rigidity
• New handlebar clamps offer two different positions
• Silver Excel rims
• Striking red and black color scheme with new IPD (In-mold Plastic Decoration) graphics

TE250 – World Championship "Low Down"
Exclusive to the U.S. market, the 2012 TE250 will feature a low seat height, nearly two inches shorter than last year's model. Lowered suspension on both the front and rear give it greater appeal to riders of smaller stature, or to those simply seeking the comfort of being able to touch the ground flat-footed. The TE250 receives the premium Kayaba shock, and the increased rigidity of the revised all-black chromoly frame further improves the ride, as well as aesthetics.

**Kayaba Suspension Upgrades **
Along with the 48mm fork, the TE250's shock is now also by Kayaba. The linkage-mounted monoshock is fully adjustable through high-and low-speed compression, as well as rebound damping and spring pre-load. The Kayaba fork on the TE250 is shorter, but also stiffer than last year. It has been re-valved for stiffer settings in order to complement the new shock, resulting in the TE250 being more capable and well balanced than ever. In addition to the suspension upgrades, the new all-black reinforced chromoly frame has a stronger steering tube, improving the overall structural rigidity of the chassis. Silver anodized Excel rims are new for 2012, and the TE's sharp new look is finished with redesigned IPD (in-mold plastic decoration) graphics – integrated into the bodywork so they stay looking new, and won't suffer damage from pressure washing.

**Engine: Light and Compact **
The potent Husqvarna TE250 single-cylinder, DOHC, titanium four-valve engine continues to rack up numerous victories in the World Enduro Championship. The compact lightweight 249.5cc power plant returns for 2012, and harmonizes with the quiet E3-compliant exhaust system to keep power flowing while also meeting stringent emissions standards. Mikuni electronic fuel injection feeds the cylinder head through a 42mm throttle body. The TE250 also features both electric start and kick starter backup.

Trimmed with choice aftermarket components such as the Brembo hydraulic clutch, Brembo brake hydraulics and Braking wave rotors, the TE250 is a super refined package with a world championship-winning pedigree.

TE310 – The Winning Choice of Antoine Meo
It's the weapon of choice for World Enduro Champion Antoine Meo. The Frenchman elects to contest the E2 enduro category – which allows engines up to 450cc – on the 302cc machine. It's a courageous choice, and one that is already turning heads and earning due recognition in the premier World Enduro category. The ideal balance of light weight, useable power and maneuverability come together in a potent package perfectly suited for Husqvarna champions as well as passionate amateur riders. A scalpel among axes, the TE310 will slice through the gnarliest off-road terrain – and at a more accessible price than its larger displacement counterparts, even with all its choice upgrades such as Kayaba suspension and revised chromoly reinforced frame.

The compact steel frame was already modified in last year’s model, yet is further refined for 2012. The steering head receives reinforcement for increased rigidity and the entire frame is now black in color. The TE310 is also characterized by redesigned IPD graphics and silver Excel rims – changes that are shared across the ’12 line of Husqvarna off-road motorcycles.

Like it’s TE250 sibling, the 310 receives improvements in the chassis and suspension department with an all-new Kayaba shock. With high-and low-speed compression, rebound damping and spring preload adjustability, the rider is able to fine-tune the Kayaba shock to any weight, preference and terrain. Thanks to stiffer settings in both the fork and shock, the TE310’s suspension is more capable and well-balanced than ever.

The engine is directly derived from the compact and lightweight TE250, but with all its own character, and even more torque coming from the bored-out 302cc mill. The specially developed exhaust system further improves engine performance, allowing air and power to flow efficiently. Engine performance and reliability are further improved by a new cooling system, which incorporates a thermostat and electric fan to help prevent overheating in slow, demanding terrain. New handlebar clamps complete the list of upgrades made to the latest-generation TE310.

**Husqvarna TE449 & TE511: Evolution of the Species **
Experience gained over the last year has helped Husqvarna engineers make the TE449 and TE511 even more competitive and appealing in 2012. The basic platform of both models remains unchanged – the 449 is still the bike with innovative technical features and striking good looks that put it among the best in its class, and the 511 still pours on smooth power in no limited supply. Both are already exquisite machines, but with a handful of choice revisions, they gain even more rider appeal for 2012.

The TE449 and 511 both feature the same shared changes across the 2012 line of Husqvarna off-road motorcycle – the revised black frame, silver anodized Excel rims and new IPD graphics. Ergonomically designed side panels increase freedom of movement for the rider, and the redesigned tail section is now once piece and more compact, further improving aesthetics. The 449 and 511 TEs are also both fitted with a streamlined electrical system designed to be lighter and simpler, and the sharp-looking integrated graphics are guaranteed to last through miles of off-road wear and repeated power washing. But dirt bikes are destined for the trail, not the runway, so additional changes to handling and mechanics make the TE449 an even more capable off-roader – a master of the dirt that is still 100% street-legal. Select changes to the TE511 make it easier to ride, and design aspects were thoughtfully scrutinized with one goal in mind: making the most powerful off-road motorcycle of Husqvarna’s 2012 range more appealing and rideable than ever.

**Stronger Frame, Lower Profile **
Handling is improved thanks to a more rigid frame, featuring a reinforced steering tube – like the other TE models – as well as reinforced seat rails and stronger engine supports. With styling and layout redesigned, the TE449 and TE511 have better overall balance, and with a revised Kayaba shock, 4mm shorter than its predecessor, the overall seat height is lowered for 2012, making both models more approachable. The chromoly reinforced frame and upgraded shock synchronize with Husqvarna's patented Coaxial Traction System (CTS) in order to let the 449 and 511 handle like never before. Through the collaborated efforts of the Husqvarna R&D; and factory race teams, the latest frame has also been designed to concentrate more weight on the bike's center of gravity, and minimize chain torque.

Husqvarna continues to use top of the line Kayaba suspension components on the TE449 and 511. The shock is fully adjustable with high-and low-speed compression and rebound damping clickers, and spring preload adjust. The shock is mounted on an upsidedown link, combining the advantages of progressive linkage with the protection of above swingarm shock placement. Up front, the 48mm Kayaba fork is re-valved with stiffer overall settings, yet with a more supple feel on the initial stroke for a more comfortable, yet capable ride.

**Fine Tuning the Power Delivery **
The single-cylinder, titanium four-valve, DOHC motor is a recent design, one which needed few modifications – just some minor changes to fine-tune the power curve. To draw optimum performance from the TE449, designers focused on the mapping of the Keihin fuel injection. Cooling efficiency is improved with new WP radiators, which also help power flow freer. The TE511 certainly has no shortage of power. In fact, the biggest challenge is keeping all of its ponies in check. This is why engineers, riders and testers at Husqvarna have focused mainly on ease of handling with the TE511 motorcycle, and painstakingly developed a new Keihin ignition mapping specifically designed to deliver power from its 477.5cc DOHC four-stroke motor in a more linear, progressive fashion.

Stopping capabilities are entrusted to Brembo and premium wave rotors are supplied by Braking. Cooling circuit efficiency on both models is further improved with a new WP radiator. The six-speed gearbox remains operated by a progressive Brembo hydraulic clutch, which affords a positive feel with a light touch. Starting is effortless with push-button command, and eliminating the kick-starter remains to be a good decision, given the reliable ignition and high-power battery of the TE449 and 511.

MY12 Husqvarna TE/TXC Specs at a Glance

TE250 TE310 TE449 TE511 TXC250 TXC310 TXC511
Engine single-cylinder four-stroke single-cylinder four-stroke single-cylinder four-stroke single-cylinder four-stroke single-cylinder four-stroke single-cylinder four-stroke single-cylinder four-stroke
**Displacement ** 249.5cc 302.4cc 449.6cc 477.5cc 249.5cc 302.4cc 477.5cc
Bore x Stroke 79 x 50.9mm 82 x 57.35mm 98 x 59.6mm 101 x 59.6mm 79 x 50.9mm 82 x 57.35mm 101 x 59.6mm
Gears 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
Starting electric/kick electric/kick electric electric electric/kick electric/kick electric
Front Suspension 48mm Kayaba open-cartridge 48mm Kayaba open-cartridge 48mm Kayaba open-cartridge 48mm Kayaba open-cartridge 48mm Kayaba closed-cartridge 48mm Kayaba closed-cartridge 48mm Kayaba closed-cartridge
Rear Suspension fully-adjustable Kayaba shock fully-adjustable Kayaba shock fully-adjustable Kayaba shock fully-adjustable Kayaba shock fully-adjustable Kayaba shock fully-adjustable Kayaba shock fully-adjustable Kayaba shock
Fuel Capacity 2.25 gal 2.25 gal 2.5 gal 2.5 gal 2.25 gal 2.25 gal 2.5 gal
Wheelbase 57.0 in 57.9 in 58.7 in 58.7 in 57.9 in 57.9 in 58.7 in
Seat Height 35.8 in 37.4 in 37.7 in 37.7 in 37.4 in 37.4 in 37.9 in
Curb Weight 246 lbs 247 lbs 249.1 lbs 249.1 lbs 239.4 lbs 240.5 lbs 242.5 lbs
Red/Green Sticker license plate license plate license plate license plate red red green
MSRP $7,599 $8,199 $8,699 $8,999 $7,399 $7,899 $8,299