Honda Releases its Dramatically Changed 2007 CBR600RR

What's New for 2007?

♦ Class-leading power-to-weight ratio for outstanding acceleration and handling.

♦ Smaller, lighter, more compact inline four-cylinder engine.

♦ Improved midrange performance and enhanced peak power.

♦ Significant weight reduction in engine and chassis.

♦ Repositioned transmission shafts within crankcase allow for shorter engine.

♦ New lightweight, forged-aluminum pistons incorporate special shot peening for added toughness.

♦ Lightweight magnesium head cover.

♦ New, single exhaust valve-springs.

♦ Smaller, lighter neodium magnet ACG.

♦ New transmission gear ratios.

♦ Smaller, lighter clutch.

♦ New front-brake vertical-piston master-cylinder system.

♦ Lighter weight stainless steel four-into-one exhaust features new inline-exhaust valve to control exhaust pressure for maximum performance.

♦ New intake-air control valve (IACV) minimizes torque reaction and smoothes response to small throttle changes through gradual reductions of air and fuel intake when the throttle is opened and closed.

♦ New non-resonance knock sensor maintains optimum spark advance while constantly monitoring combustion performance during mid- to high-speed operation.

♦ New nose-mounted ram-air induction directs fresh, cool air to a higher-volume airbox.

♦ New smaller and lighter Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD).

♦ Newly designed Fine Die-Cast (FDC) frame uses four large castings for lighter weight.

♦ Improved mass centralization.

♦ Redesigned radiator with compact dimensions improves cooling capacity.

♦ All-new bodywork enhances handling and performance.

♦ Handlebars raised 10mm for improved rider comfort.

♦ Center of gravity revised for more neutral response and easier side-to-side flickability.

♦ New, compact instrument design.

♦ Exciting new colors--Pearl White/Silver and Ultra Blue Metallic/Silver--join Red/Black and Black as color options.