Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Cleaning Bucket, Multi-Pocket Aprol & Cleaning Supplies Tested

Think of it as a motorcycle cleaning system. Harley-Davidson's motorcycle cleaning bucket comes stocked with a complete selection of finish-care products and everything that you need to use and store them conveniently.

We were skeptical about shelling out $60 for a bucket with the ubiquitous H-D logo on the lid and some cleaning stuff inside. Well, that's why we test 'em, because this deceptively simple little black bucket is truly a great way to make your bike sparkle and keep your garage from spiraling into total chaos.

What you get is a 3.5-gallon plastic bucket, which pulls double duty as a seat during wax on/wax off bliss, filled with nine different liquids and aerosols to return your bike to its minty-fresh glory. You also get a wash mitt that conjures images of Charlie Brown's baseball glove, a wood-handled brush for wheels, a 12-by-21-inch chamois, a package of soft cloths, and a handy nine-pocket Cordura apron that holds everything as you seek clean-bike nirvana.

The Sunwash concentrate performs as advertised: We washed two mucked-up Japanese cruisers (neither of which recoiled when we applied H-D product) under a blazing Saturday-morning sun with zero water spotting. Impressive. And the wash mitt saved our knuckles from those annoying dings.

The bug remover was a direct hit, dissolving a long-baked map of critters. The swirl-and-scratch treatment buffed out some fine scratches on the gas tank. The Glaze and Polish Sealant brought out a deep shine to all the chrome and paint. The brush/wheel and tire cleaner combo did the job on the rims. Also included: leather dressing, spray cleaner and polish for in-between washes, bright metal polish, and Harley Gloss protective detailer. The products work, so a capful of this and a capful of that is all you need, which means this bucket will easily get you through one season and probably more.

Our two test bikes gleamed so brightly, in fact, we ordered them to be hermetically sealed and never ridden again.

One final thought: Don't seal the bucket back up without letting it dry first. Ours was ripe when we dipped back inside to write this review.

**Price: **$59.95
**Verdict: **Simple and effective—cleaning and polishing were never so easy. Harley-Davidson www.harleydavidson.com (414) 343-4056