Harley-Davidson Adds New Factory To Increase Output

From the May 1918 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Milwaukee, Wis., April 13. - With the installation of machinery this week in the new building that has just been erected as an addition to the Harley-Davidson factory, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company will be starting to greatly increase their output of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The new factory building is a fireproof structure, 120 feet by 180 feet, and adds slightly more than 32,000 square feet of space to the Harley-Davidson plant. The new unit is two stories in height for half its length, and is one of the best arranged factory buildings in the East. It is particularly well adapted for the use of heavy machinery, and where heavy raw materials are handled.

In the first floor of the new Harley-Davidson factory a battery of heavy automatic machines were installed a few days ago. The second floor is the motor crank case department and here all machine work will be done on the motor crank cases. The rough castings will come in one door, and after all the machine work is done on them, they will leave the other door completely finished and ready for the motor assembling department.

This added factory unit is the final word in systematic arrangement. All details have been worked out for efficient and rapid production. As an instance, a traveling crane has been installed, which will unload all raw material at the delivery platform and transport it by overhead rail track to the very machine which will do the machine work. This is only one example of the forethought that has been given to bringing the new factory in accord with the latest efficiency practices.

The very rapid growth in domestic business that has been enjoyed by the Harley-Davidson Company, added to the heavy war orders which have been received, made it imperative that increased production should be speedily attained, and this new factory has been built and equipment installed in exceedingly fast time. As soon as the factory gets into maximum production, the output of Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be greatly increased and the domestic demand which has had to wait upon Uncle Sam’s requirements will again be promptly met.

Exterior View of New Harley-Davidson Factory Addition
Interior of the New Unit of the Harley-Davidson Plant