The Motorcycle Files | NEW PRODUCTS

New e-books by Alan Cathcart featuring rare magazine tests, riding impressions, model histories, technical features and interviews with racers and engineers.

Motorcyclist's European correspondent and former racer Alan Cathcart has very likely tested more motorcycles than any other person on the planet. His catalog of magazine tests of racing and road-going machines comprises one of the world's largest archives of motorcycle data, much of it unique in nature and not available anywhere else. Now, thanks to the world of online digital publishing, this can be accessed and downloaded by those wishing to build their own library of fully illustrated hands-on information about their favorite bikes.

The first releases in The Motorcycle Files series comprise ten of the rarest and most significant racing motorcycles ever built, ranging from the exotic supercharged AJS V4 500 of 1939 to the four-cylinder 500cc two-strokes from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki that were raced during the 1980s and '90s. In particular, the Honda NSR500 File covers the entire run of models from 1984 to 2002 of the most successful 500cc racer in Grand Prix history, and is a special extended issue equal to 136 A5 pages.

All of these machines were test ridden by Cathcart, invariably on an exclusive basis, and his riding impressions are backed up by model histories, technical features, and interviews with the riders and engineers involved in developing and racing these bikes back in their prime. If particular interest to GP race fans will be the stripped-down detail photography of the engines and other often carefully hidden technically interesting features of the most famous motorcycles in Grand Prix history, as well as rare factory prototypes of road and race machinery.

The Motorcycle Files can be downloaded as e-books from Amazon or its Kindle store for viewing on all versions of the Kindle readers. In addition, by using the free Kindle app , they can also be read on similar devices including I-Pads and other tablets, laptop computers and even mobile phones.

Each standard issue download is the equivalent of a 50 to 75-page book, illustrated in full color on those devices capable of delivering it. Orders can also be made in all major currencies. Typical charges are 1.95 UK pounds, 2.60 euro, or 2.99 US dollars.