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G-ina Boots
Gaerne G_SP1 Aquatech

If you can't bear the thought of Gina's tootsies getting all wet, you'll be glad to know she's wearing Gaerne's latest waterproof sport/racing boots, the G_SP1 Aquatechs. Featuring full-grain-leather uppers, the Aquatechs get their (claimed) waterproof/breathable properties from Gaerne's own Drytech liners. Each boot features a large white G (no wonder Gina loves 'em) molded into the plastic shin guards; other molded plastic components include heel cups and removable toe sliders, as well as hinged ankle supports. Available in black only in sizes 4-13 for $249. (800) 426-0213,

Smack Sensor

Can you still trust your helmet after it leapt off your saddle onto the cold, hard pavement? Should you? If you'd had Yorba Safety Concepts' Shok-SpotR, you wouldn't need to guess. Shok-SpotR is a small, lightweight device calibrated to detect and indicate a variety of impacts based on several existing helmet-testing standards. When the indicator turns red, your helmet should be returned to the manufacturer for inspection. Available in black or chrome, the Shok-SpotR retails for $24.95, should only be used on a brand-new helmet and can be purchased from REM Performance. (800) 514-1495,

Slicker Slicker
Respro Slick

In a hard rain, leathers can soak up so much water you might feel as if you're wearing Bossy, Elmer and their entire cow clan. Respro's Slick wet-weather racing suit, though, can help prevent that soggy inconvenience. Made from lycra with a shiny coating Respro says is waterproof, the Slick fits snugly so it won't balloon at speed. The suits come in black only in M-XXL for $99.95 from Street & Competition.(800) 326-5487,

All Thumbs
GP Tech Cast Master thumb brake

Despite what some riders think, a motorcycle's rear brake does have a legitimate function beyond being something they brag about not using. To make it easier to employ, borrow a page from world champ Mick Doohan and try out GP Tech's Cast Master thumb brake. The least expensive ($285) of GP Tech's three thumb-brake systems, the Cast Master mounts to your bike's left clip-on, has a billet aluminum lever and comes with a Goodridge stainless steel hydraulic line plus a junction valve. (269) 671-4915,

I Sing the Luggage Electrix
Powerlet PowerMates

Today's motorcyclists seem to want ever-greater access to power--electrical power, that is, to use and charge the ubiquitous cell phone and to operate GPS units, heated gear and more. Powerlet's PowerMate kits can help you get that access with a neat installation on your tank bag or saddlebag. Powerlet's most comprehensive kit, the PTB-004, includes a waterproof plastic bulkhead for your luggage, a fused connection for your bike's battery and an outlet cord with SAE and cigar-lighter ends, all for $59.95. (877) 752-7835,

On Guard
Second Look chain guards

So nobody gives your wheels a second look on bike night? Earn star status in the urban jungle by guarding your humble drive chain with one of these bike-specific polished bits from Second Look. SL says its chain guards are cut from heavy-gauge aluminum that stands up to vibration, and they're available for most popular sportbikes complete with the appropriate laser-cut logo for $76.95. (800) 566-5753,

Dummy Up
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles, Third Edition

Although it's targeted for true tyros, the third edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles contains some gems of information to entertain you even if you aren't an ultramaroon. The book, originally authored by previous staffer Darwin Holmstrom, contains the collected wisdom and advice from a generation of Motorcyclist editors, and can smooth your path to two-wheel expertise. The third edition retails for $19.95.

Glove Me Tender
Held Akira gloves

Former World Superbike and MotoGP racer Akira Yanagawa assisted Held in developing the eponymously named Akira Racing Gloves. Obviously Akira-san has excellent taste in such matters. The gloves feature near-total kangaroo-hide construction, with a single layer over most of the palm promising excellent control-feel, while strategically placed carbon-fiber and Kevlar armor, shock-absorbing Suprotech and extra leather and Shoeller Dynatec ought to provide good paw-protection should you go asphalt surfing. The Akiras come in black, red or blue in sizes 8-11 (and in 8.5 and 9.5) and retail for $199.95. (888) 311-5399, ext. 321,

Vapor-Free Vision
Pinlock visors

You can anoint your face shield with goos and nostrums, you can cut off your air supply with breath guards--or you can foil the fog fiend with a Pinlock. New to the U.S.A. for 2005, the Pinlock is a thin piece of moisture-absorbing plastic with a silicone seal around its perimeter that creates, according to the manufacturer, an airtight double visor. They're available in clear and four colored tints, and have been fitted as original equipment in Great Britain and Japan by Shoei, Arai, Nolan, KBC, AGV, HJC and other helmet-makers. No prices have yet been set. (877) 364-2565,

A Good Lock-Up
Bolt Lock

Don't hump your riding gear along when you go to the opera--secure it to your bike with the ingenious Bolt Lock. The Bolt Lock utilizes a special shouldered washer you can secure anywhere on your bike that uses an existing socket-head cap screw (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 3/8 in., 5/16 in. or 1/4 in.) and is almost imperceptible when not in use. Also included are the lock itself, two keys and a 12-inch cable, all for $59.95; longer cables are available. (949) 493-3555,