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Wanna Buy a Big Bag?
A big gear bag, that is. Of course you do--unless you enjoy cramming your helmet and gear into some decrepit old piece of mothball-stankin' discarded luggage to get it to and from the track.

This bad boy will easily pack everything you'll ever need to bring to the racetrack, or anywhere else for that matter. It's constructed of sturdy PVC600D material, so free your mind of ripping and/or tearing concerns. SIDI's largest gear bag measures more than 30 inches in length and 19 inches in height, so you needn't worry about it being too small. A handy retractable grab handle and rubber wheels mean you don't have to worry about not being able to lift the thing once you've stuffed it full of your worldly belongings. This gear bag is only available in black and gray--just like the old movies--and costs $130. (877) 789-4940,


Diamond Powersports' ingenious new Flame Sliders are said to offer increased safety for both you and your bike. Flame Sliders are what you get when you cross a motorcycle frame slider/crash protector with an LED turn signal. The frame sliders themselves are translucent polycarbonate pieces available in your choice of colors. Within said crash protectors live a family of LED lights--again, in your choice of colors--wired to flash in tandem with your turn signals. Priced around $130 a pair, Flame Sliders are an excellent way to increase conspicuity--and safety--while protecting your frame and bodywork. Flame Sliders are available for all modern sportbikes. (954) 749-8606,

You Design It, They Build It, You Wear It

There's something to be said for being an "off-the-rack" guy or gal, but plenty more can be said for custom-tailored apparel--particularly custom-tailored, customer-designed leathers. Now, thanks to the good people at Kushitani, you can wrap yourself in leathers to meet any whim. And don't worry about quality, Kushitani suits are as good as they get--good enough for the likes of Rich Oliver, Jason DiSalvo and our own Euro-Man Alan Cathcart. Suits are priced according to their quality, with off-the-rack items ranging from $1450-$1950, and custom units escalating from there. (877) 347-8487,

The Axis of Braking

Thanks to Ferodo BrakeTech, we can all stop worrying about the Axis of Evil and focus on these new AXIS Design extreme high-performance brake rotors. Virtually the same weight as Ferodo's existing line of full-floating SuperLite rotors, the new AXIS Design rotors are stronger while offering significantly improved thermal transfer capabilities. Increased surface area allows the rotors to spread forces over a much larger area, allegedly decreasing wear and improving overall service life. Also of note is the fact that AXIS Design rotors are the first motorcycle rotors to benefit from in-house cryogenic treatment for maximum performance and longevity. Constructed of high-tensile-strength billet ductile iron--with laser-cut stainless versions to follow--these high-tech rotors will initially be offered in 320mm sizes with fitments for most late-model sportbikes. (909) 471-3476,

The Wraith

Arai has released a nasty new paint scheme--The Wraith--for its nasty new helmet, the RX-7 Corsair. The Corsair is the latest iteration of Arai's hugely popular high-end RX-7 series of race-spec helmets, and is the first of the line to have a name instead of a numerical model designation. This is because, according to Arai, it incorporates so much new technology that "it represents a major step forward in the RX line." The Wraith scheme represents an equally major step forward in helmet graphic design--without prior knowledge, this helmet could easily pass for a custom-painted unit. The Wraith is available in sizes XS-XXL and retails for approximately $694.95. (800) 766-2724,

Get On, But Don't Touch

If you've ever wanted to say this to a magnetic or strap-on tank bag (read: paint scratchers), your salvation hath arrived in the form of Luggage Locker's new Tank Locker. This innovative tank bag mounts to a hard plate that's secured to the bike's fuel filler-cap assembly--nothing ever comes in contact with the paint! In addition to the patented, lockable mounting plate, the $159.95 Tank Locker features an expandable bag constructed of 1000-denier Dupont Cordura that includes a clear map pocket. There is an optional bag made of 100 percent waterproof Lexel that has the look of leather and feel of suede. Bags are also available for MP3 players and laptop computers. So, if you're tired of tank bags that scratch and/or scuff your paint, consider the Tank Locker. (888) 414-2903,

Lee Parks Design DeerSports Gloves

We've always been fans of deerskin gloves, and once you've tried a pair you'll see why. Compared with typical (even "high-quality") cowhide, deerskin feels softer, is more breathable and abrasion-resistant, and is just nicer on the hands. One of the best deerskin gloves we've tried is the DeerSports, offered by Lee Parks Design. The DeerSports features 2.75-plus ounces of U.S. deerskin, heavy-duty thread, a seamless palm, trimmed internal seams, and a unique, four-seam design, which makes for less bunching and, according to the maker, higher protection than more seam-heavy designs. The gauntleted DeerSports isn't a race glove, but it does offer extra layers of deerskin on the knuckles, finger backs and palm. The gauntlet features a wide and easy-to-use hook-and-loop closure, while the wrist gets cinched with another hook-and-loop strap. They're hugely comfortable, are wearing superbly well after being worn every day for nearly a year by an unnamed editor in chief, and, at around $100, are a steal.

Price: $109.95
Rating: 5 STARS!!!
Verdict: A great street glove at a great price.
Lee Parks Design (800) 943-5638 (801) 760-8261 fax

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