Graham Jarvis takes his fifth win at Erzberg.Red Bull

Graham Jarvis took his fifth career Erzbergrodeo win in 2019. He walked away with victory after a truly hard-fought two-hour and 27-minute run, battling back from well behind the lead early on to clinch the victory. He finished a little more than two minutes ahead of KTM's Manuel Lettenbichler. Sherco rider Mario Roman rounded out the top three.

Skill and focus on this harrowing ascent. Jarvis is a master.Husqvarna/Future7Media.

Jarvis, 44 years old, was thrilled with the result:

“This feels amazing. I think this could be the most important Erzberg victory of my career. A lot of people were talking about my age, and at 44 I did have some doubts about my fitness for the full race. But I just kept my focus and kept pushing. I knew I would have work to do from the start, but the faster sections of the race, early on, never really suit me. Once I got to Carl’s Diner, I started to make up time. It was different to when I walked it, and I was feeling it physically, but it went really well. I managed to lead going into Green Hell, but it was close there with Manni. I just had to keep pushing after that. It’s amazing to be a five-time Erzberg winner.”

Jarvis’ win didn’t come without difficulty.Red Bull

In addition to giving its finishers a remarkable sense of accomplishment, the Erzbergrodeo also produces some of the most epic off-road competition images in the world. We’ve gathered together some of our favorites from this year’s event below. They demonstrate the incredible scale and difficulty of the event, and really put a point on just how big an accomplishment it is to win.

American Cody Webb out for a spin. He attempted to qualify, but a torn ACL prior to the event made it impossible for him to compete.Red Bull
Losing precious time in a jam-up like this can really cost you.Red Bull
No shortage of amazing views at Erzberg.Red Bull
KTM’s Jonny Walker has won Erzberg in the past, but this year he had to settle for eighth.Red Bull
Manuel Lettenbichler chased his first Erzberg win hard, and nearly pulled it off, but was unable to best Jarvis in the end. Lettenbichler finished in the runner-up position.Red Bull
Third-place finisher Mario Roman.Red Bull
Taddy Blazusiak and Billy Bolt facing a tough section of the course. Blazusiak would go on to finish sixth with Bolt just behind in seventh.Red Bull
Wade Young was in podium position at the hallway point, but slipped back a few spots to finish fifth.Red Bull
Close-quarter battle in immensely difficult terrain with Wade Young and Jonny Walker.Red Bull