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Diamond Gusset Defender Motorcycle Jeans
Blue jeans have been a staple of the two-wheel wardrobe from the beginning. But as with most essential accoutrements, some are a whole lot better than others. Contrary to popular urban mythology, standard department-store denim jeans are dubious at best when it comes to protecting a human from pavement. you need something more substantial. Take these Defender motorcycle Jeans from Diamond Gusset.

Unlike levi's ubiquitous 501s, Diamond Gusset jeans are sewn in the USA. Georgia, to be precise. Thread comes from Nashville. Buttons and rivets are from Kentucky and Tennessee. and unlike those other jeans in your dresser, a delta-shaped piece of fabric sewn into the crotch does away with the old single center seam, creating a stronger, more comfortable pair of pants. Construction is a cut above standard jeans as well, with tougher stitching and rivets throughout. The 14.5-oz., sulphur-bottom denim is the stuff big companies used before they started knocking out jeans from less-durable stuff in mexico or Thailand or who knows where else. Our Defenders show no discernable deterioration after months of wear and a few dozen washings. if anything, they fit better than new.

Nifty details abound. a nicely contoured pocket on the right thigh-secured by a patch of hook-and-loop fabric-makes getting at a cell phone or garage-door opener easy when you're sitting on a bike. Hook-and-loopsecured tabs keep the cuffs from flapping on the freeway. and a metal D-ring sewn to a strap just below the beltline is a handy place to clip your keys.

Still, you have to turn a pair inside-out to see the real difference: Generous swatches of Kevlar fabric stitched inside the knees, hips and seat dramatically increase the degree of abrasion resistance compared to denim alone. add some impact-absorbing armor-for example, a pair of Bohn adventure Pants ($159 from www.actionstation .com)-and you can ride around in jeans with a clear conscience.

At $112.50 direct from the factory ($124.99 for extra-tall), Diamond Gusset Defender motorcycle Jeans are priced a little higher than other Kevlar-reinforced riding jeans, but superior quality and a 90-day guarantee make up the difference. you'll never ride in ordinary jeans again.

Diamond Gusset Defender Motorcycle Jeans
Price: $112.50
Contact: Gusset Clothing Company
10296 Hwy. 46
Bon aqua, Tn 37025

Top-shelf american denim meets Kevlar abrasion protection.