Harley-Davidson V-Rod Scorpion Reverse Trike | WILD FILE

A DIY Trike Kit for Your Harley

Designed and built close to The Motor Company's home, Wisconsin firm Scorpion Trikes (scorpiontrikes.com) has come up with this three-wheeled kit for Harley's own V-Rod. While Scorpion admits to trying to catch the wave of interest lately in three-wheelers, especially reverse trikes, it wanted to create a product that could be easily added to an existing model. The company is quick to point out that the kit can be added, "without having to modify the structural integrity of the frame." Scorpion is also working on accessories for the kit, including additional lighting and covers.

Each kit is built for a specific bike, and while the initial production run is only for V-Rods, Scorpion say the next likely candidate will be FL-frame touring bikes from H-D. Expected price will be around $5,000, to be installed by either the owner or a dealer, when they start shipping sometime in spring of 2015.

Is your V-Rod not unique enough? Scorpion Trikes has the answer, shown here.