Chopper Chicks Build Custom Motorcycle in Under Nine Hours for Charity

Shell, House of Harley- Davidson Donate Bike to RAACE Foundation

In exactly 8 hours and 45 minutes, the nationally recognized Chopper Chick Crew of all-women designers and builders, led by Athena Ransom, transformed more than a hundred customized, modified and accessorized parts from a Harley-Davidson Sportster into a one-of-a-kind motorcycle at the House of Harley-Davidson Women's Day event in Milwaukee today.

The completed bike was donated by Shell and House of Harley to the RAACE Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting child sexual abuse by raising public awareness of the epidemic. The completed bike, sporting an eye-catching purple and yellow custom paint scheme emblazoned with the RAACE and the Shell V-Power sponsorship logos, made its debut atop a flatbed truck as part of the Women's Day ride.

By The Numbers: Chopper Chicks Bike Build sponsored by Shell
* Number of individual parts and pieces, pre-build: 180
* Hours spent in modification and design: 100
* Hours to assemble: 7
* Coats of custom paint: 11
* Chopper Chicks: 5
* "Tiffs" during build: 0
* Cost of one Harley-Davidson Sportster, two-tone motorcycle: $10,385
* Estimated cost of completed custom bike including accessories, modifications, and paint: $35,000 +
* Estimated value: N/A

Members from the all-women Chopper Chick crew speed to build a customized Harley-Davidson bike on-site during the House of Harley Women's Day event, Friday, August 29, 2008. The completed bike was donated by Shell Oil Products and House of Harley to the RAACE Foundation. (From left to right: Chopper Chick Crew members Vivian Charros, Kate Oshea, Athena Ransom)