Not all women riders want pink gear with fringe decor. Most, according to California Moto Market organize Caitlin Maher, just want to dress like a rider, in proper safety gear.Photo: California Moto Market

"Why don't your marketing materials say that this is for women?" This from the events people at a leading motorcycle gear distributor after they signed on for the inaugural California Moto Market pop-up store, coming to Ducati Newport Beach on June 11, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Event organizer Caitlin Maher shoots back: “Why doesn’t it say anywhere that all the other motorcycle gear events—and all the motorcycle gear stores—are for men? Because that’s what they are. Maybe with a couple pieces for women, pieces you can bet are NOT in my size.”

She’s got something there. For one that claims to be courting women riders, the motorcycle industry doesn't always make it easy for the girls to get on board. “Some of us aren’t just riding bitch on our boyfriend’s cruiser,” says Maher. “And some of us don’t want pink, blinged-out jackets and fringed pants. Some of us are actually in it for the riding, so we want protective fabric and armor, just like the guys do. And we want to try things on so we don’t end up spending double because we’re sending online purchases back for a better fit. So that’s what we’re doing.”

California Moto Market offers a venue for merchants to sell their wares including apparel, luggage, accessories as well as motorcycles and more, all aimed at the the long-overlooked feminine rider demographic. Thanks to The Litas' "world-wide female motorcycle collective," Maher is getting the word out to clubs across the southland, who are planning their Sunday rides around the event.

Female riding groups like The Litas are part of a growing demographic that often gets overlooked in terms of gear and motorcycle accessories. But all of that seems to be changing, with many gear manufacturers now offering product lines with gender-specific fit and sizing.Photo: Errol Colandro

Will this be the first of a series of pop-ups aimed at the female rider market? “That’s the plan,” says Maher, who rides with the Long Beach Branch of The Litas, formed just last November but already 65-members strong. “Just look at how fast our group is growing. We get new riders every week,” Maher says. “I think we have a ready-made market.”

The Litas of Long Beach, CA.Photo: Errol Colandro