Buell Lightning XB12Stt Super TT - Sideways Into '07 - Up To Speed

Milwaukee Mixes Some Supermoto Style Into Its Streetfighter Stew

Following in the several-models-from-one-platform footsteps of parent company Harley-Davidson, Buell released its latest Lightning permutation at the 2006 Milan Show: the supermoto-esque XB12Stt Super TT. Despite the debut's location (and unlike the prototype XR1200, designed primarily for a European audience), the TT will be available in North American showrooms sometime this spring at a suggested retail price of $10,295.

Based on Buell's 54-inch-wheelbase XB12Ss Long (the standard Lightning measures 52 inches between its axles), the Super TT gets its slide-'em-sideways looks via a narrow solo seat (a dual-seat is optional), Surlyn flyscreen and competition-type number plates, wide dirtbike-type crossbar handlebar and a supermoto-style front fender. Suspension travel from the fully adjustable Showa inverted fork and single shock is 5.6 inches, which splits the difference between the standard XB12S (4.7 inches up front, 5.0 inches in back) and the dirt-road-ready Ulysses XB12X (6.5 inches at both ends). Aggressively treaded Pirelli Sync radials promise to grip in varied conditions, as well as in the wet.

The rest of the package is standard Lightning fare, which means Buell's 1203cc, 45-degree, fuel-injected Thunderstorm V-twin (with 103 claimed crankshaft horsepower and 84 lb.-ft. of torque), cleverly designed twin-spar frame and swingarm (which carry fuel and oil, respectively), unique inside-out single-disc front brake setup, belt final drive and under-engine exhaust.

Buell sees the bike's flyscreen and number plates as blank canvasses for customizers. "While the Super TT has a slick, competition-inspired look, the bike begs riders to show their inspiration for customization as these components can easily be personalized," the press release reads.

"Buell motorcycles let riders have fun," says company founder Erik Buell, "whether the corners are on a backroad or city street. The Super TT continues the concept by blending street and track performance with plenty of power into a bigger, versatile, supermoto-inspired design."

Sounds like fun. We'll get back to you with a full report as soon as we can pry one loose from Buell. MC