BMW's Washed Ashore From Stricken Cargo Ship in Napoli

Let The Flea Market Begin

UK police are patrolling beaches in Devon where members ofthe public have been taking goods washed ashore from strickencontainer M/V MSC Napoli.

Hundreds of people have made off with valuable hauls fromsome 40 containers which drifted onto Branscombe Beach. Policehave warned them they are breaking the law if they fail todeclare taking any of the ship's cargo. The coastguard said itmay take a week to pump 3,500 tons of oil from the ship to stopmore leaks into the sea. UK Branscombe Police officers have beenpatrolling the beach to prevent unopened containers from beingbroken into and have closed all roads leading into the village.They were also handing out forms so people could report whatthey had taken to the "Receiver of Wreck." This must be donewithin 28 days, otherwise they are committing an offence.

A couple of hundred people were on the beach Jan. 20 nightwith the same number again scavenging on Jan 21. Around 50 BMWmotorbikes were carried off the beach last night. "It took about8 to 10 of us to lift each one out. As each one came out thefront wheels were put on, then they were taken down to the beachand over the cliffs," one scavenger said. Other products takenaway included exhaust pipes, steering wheels & beauty cream.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has reportedthat 600 seabirds had been found suffering from the effects ofoil between Chesil Beach and Portland in Dorset, sparking fearsenvironmental damage was worsening.

M/V MSC Napoli which is grounded a mile out at sea, hadalso shed containers holding a 4x4 vehicle, ladies' shoes,Bibles in a foreign language & nappies. About 200 of thevessel's 2,323 containers have gone overboard...